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Memories of Zexion

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Last Login: 11/04/2017 9:58 pm

Gender: Male

Location: Castle That Never Was

Birthday: 10/30

Occupation: Number VI (6)

Theme Song


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"Then I shall make you see... That your hopes are nothing. Nothing but a mere illusion!"


Name: Zexion
Romanji Name: Zekushion
Number: VI
Title: The Cloaked Schemer
Weapon: Lexicon (Book of Retribution)
Attribute: Illusions
Limit Break: Meteor Mirage
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original Name: Ienzo
English Voice Actor: Vincet Corazza
Romanji Voice Actor: Akira Ishida


Zexion, the Cloaked Schemer (影歩む策士, Kageayumu Sakushi?, lit. Shadow-Walking Schemer), is the Nobody of Ienzo and is Rank VI in Organization XIII and an antagonist in Riku's storyline in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He weaves illusions to fight for him. Unlike the other Organization members, Zexion's weapon was originally unknown, and his talents were used only outside of normal combat. In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Zexion's weapon was revealed to be a book called a Lexicon.

Zexion appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as a participant in the struggle within the Organization between the newer and veteran members. He is also central to the plot to use Riku as a puppet in Castle Oblivion. Zexion also appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, as one of the playable characters in Mission Mode.


"You too should concentrate on your real mission and collect more members."
—Zexion to Xigbar

"Kingdom Hearts will complete us. That's the Organization's goal."
—Zexion to Roxas

"The world of darkness and Ansem's shadow still nest within your heart. Do you plan to face Sora like that? Even after what you did to him? Are you not ashamed?"
—Zexion interrogating Riku

"That's right, Riku. Recognize where you stand. Because preparations for your reception are done!"

*~The Memories Family~*
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As of January 28, 2012, The Memories Family and The Heart Family are Conjoined Families.
We all have the same names as before. There are no username changes during this process.
If you are in the family, please, update the family by adding the new members and welcoming them promptly.

emotion_bigheart In Dedication To: Ivan Brahvinskys Memory. emotion_bigheart
emotion_bigheart A Long-Term Family Member, But Never Far From Our Hearts. We Love You, And Wish You Good Luck With Your Dream. emotion_bigheart


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Fvcking Report | 11/21/2012 1:23 pm
what other animes do you like?
Fvcking Report | 11/21/2012 10:28 am
LOOOOL AW. emotion_8c
I would but I only do OCs.
Fvcking Report | 11/21/2012 10:22 am
Same but all of my OCs are different versions of me really.
You pull apart your personality and take different aspects and apply them to the oc.
That's how I get my OCs.
Fvcking Report | 11/21/2012 10:15 am
I love romantic role-plays.
Fvcking Report | 11/21/2012 10:11 am
Cool what's the role-play about?
Watching Treasure planet again.
; u ; I watched it last night and now One Hell of a Butler and I made treasure planet OCs.
xD; So I'm about to start drawing.
Fvcking Report | 11/21/2012 10:07 am
How're you?
Fvcking Report | 11/21/2012 9:16 am
Twisted Reverie Report | 10/30/2012 6:55 am
Twisted Reverie
Happy Birthday! :3
Mother Birthday Report | 10/29/2012 7:44 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image10-30-12
KuroKaori Report | 10/24/2012 2:15 pm
Thanks for your purchase c: Also, I like your username c:


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