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razor sharp intellect Report | 11/02/2011 12:16 pm
razor sharp intellect
Never saw that one. Ever hear of Jeckyl and Hyde the Musical? GREAT music! I give it a 10 out of 10--THAT good.

I never found it anywhere--I was given the CD at some Mall radio station booth--ya know where they announce, transmit, etc. for SOME PROMO deal.

Anyway, I fell in LOVE with it. I do the music a dis-service by calling it a mere "great". Phenominal, is coming closer. I lost it when we had a flood and lost EVERYTHING!!

We were gone for 2 weeks over the holidays. BAD freeze. Our pipes broke in 5 places--in the ceiling! The water ran for more than 1 week we know. Our nearest neighbor was over the river. No-one knew.

EEEK!!! It's strange, the things you despair the MOST over. For me it's my piano music. Dumb. But it is all out of print, I can't GET it back. I'm talkin' YEARS worth. Insurance company is unimpressed.


Enough boo-hooing. We're alive. Who's to say that we might have been electrocuted? All that shorted out as the 2nd story kinda rested down upon the first. Lots of H2O

razor sharp intellect Report | 11/01/2011 7:58 pm
razor sharp intellect
Cool--huh?? The movie really WAS able to shed a lot a insight to the story, A lot of people can't manage to read anything as complicated as the prose of Gaston LeRoux. Tough, but SO worth it!! I feel the same for Victor Hugo's Les Miserables--DANDY!!!

Always glad to hear from a fellow musical junkie!! Makes me smile more.


razor sharp intellect Report | 10/30/2011 11:53 am
razor sharp intellect

Gawly! How I LOVE the Phantom!! I've been ever so lucky to have seen the Broadway production 3 times!!

A differrent Phantom And Christine each time---but oh my goodness!! I get hot and bothered just thinking of the LAST time!! THAT Phantom had all the women in theatre just a-panting away!!

I've seen the Broadway show, in, well BROADWAY--New York City. Then London. Then LA. I say GO!! Save your $$ and pay the price--it is WORTH every single dime. In fact, my now husband, and I had our first Official Date for the LA production--that Phantom had some MOOOVES--in fact, its HIS fault that we have our sweet son and are married and all that!! rofl (or so swears my husband)(NOT KIDDING)

I'm a Phantom junkie--I admit it. Love the music. I love ALL of Andrew Lloyd Weber's music. I sing--I guess its professional since I get paid and get recorded and do back-up for lots of Big-Wigs. I was kinda concerned when I heard that a Phantom Musical was coming out--afraid they might HURT it (weird--huh?). Wonderful job by the Christine-she is amazing! The Raoul was very good. A bit weird with Gerard Butler....I adore each one of his bulging muscles, I suspect he was on a diet-to-end-all-diets for this role. Didn't quite work for me. All in all the DVD version is wonderful!!

Please excuse my rambling fingers....just like my mouth...don't know WHEN to stop!

pssnangel4 Report | 10/01/2011 5:19 pm
Oh thank you very much. whee

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