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Occupation: Webcam girl (Aka I take off my clothes for money)& Student



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I am going through a lot right now, all while trying to find forgive me for my introvert & depressed nature.

Age: 24

Hogwart's house I'd be sorted into: Slytherin (Proud Slytherin)

Sign: Gemini. I have a twin brother.

Sexual status: Bisexual, although I tend towards women....the men I go for tend to have fem features.

Favorite food: Korean Barbecue....I love meat.

Favorite books: The other Boleyn girl, The Tiger Curse series, Bloody Jack series, and just young adult fantasy/romance series in general.

Favorite colors: Lavender & Mint green

Favorite song: Me!Me!Me! by teddyloid & a lot of songs you hear in anime.

Breast size: D cups and n****e piercings.

Tattoos: Currently a stack of books on my side lower ribcage.

Few things I like: At least semi literate role-play, Starbucks Coffee, & Witchcraft.

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The Warp Report | 11/22/2016 6:33 pm
The Warp
heeeeeeeey :v heart
i see you online there ninja
The Warp Report | 11/20/2016 7:25 am
The Warp
-touches the babe-butt- >0> heart
The Warp Report | 09/15/2016 9:45 am
The Warp
-licks yer face-
no hey YOU :V
turtlehomicide Report | 09/15/2016 8:00 am
Whats yo snapchat ? c;
The Warp Report | 09/14/2016 7:04 pm
The Warp
-pokes yer face-
The Warp Report | 09/08/2016 10:54 pm
The Warp
Maybe already dead
WoW Legion has claimed me the past week lmao
is so good to me right now

-cuddles- = u=
The Warp Report | 09/08/2016 10:52 pm
The Warp
all the name changes V:
also heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy
-flops onto you-
OmegaJosh Report | 08/08/2016 2:12 pm
Cool, I'm playing a Dragon Ball app game right now myself
OmegaJosh Report | 08/08/2016 2:09 pm
You're welcome, glad you like it. How are you?
Eqo Report | 08/05/2016 11:35 pm
snap, cosplaying that? that sounds interesting

I just love me to s**t the part that starts around 1:11 or so. it's not long, but hnng
it's so good


[i:8e0fc1bc59]I cam girl for a living.[/i:8e0fc1bc59]



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