Hi there. My name is Amensu and I'm glad you've stopped by my profile. I've been a dedicated user of Gaia since '08. When I first joined I kept to the guilds and zOMG!. The public Forums just weren't my thing and I didn't really know my way around them all that well. I also had absolutely no clue when it came to even the most basic methods of vending, exchanging, or even hoarding. I'd look through users' tutorials on the subjects but never really caught on. Expensive items and the knowledge of how to gain massive funds were beyond me. I had no idea that, when 2011 rolled around, my Gaian life as I knew it was going to take a major twist.

    After attempting to learn the ropes and figure out the Gaia market time and time again, I finally decided to give up. I decided I’d stick to the guilds and do what I actually knew how to do. Shortly after that I met a user who would one day become my closest Gaian friend – l son zack l (or ll son zack ll, because he had both of those accounts). Until I met him I thought all “rich” Gaians were jerks. This user changed that entire view. In his time here on Gaia, he donated close to 200m to me. Sometimes it was just because and sometimes it was to aid my guilds and quests. I’m not the only user he helped by any means. I can’t even begin to imagine the thousands he helped before or after I came along. Sadly, Zack left Gaia and moved on to bigger and better things in real life. However, his legacy, little did I know, would change my Gaia life as I knew it, just a couple years later.

    Mid-2013 is when I suddenly caught on with vending/exchanging/hoarding. I might have done so sooner had I not given up. Anyway, this new found knowledge changed how I did things on Gaia as well. Before this I wanted to use everything I got for myself (unless I was giving it to a close friend or my brother); but figuring out the Gaia market put an end to that. I now run a charity and have helped a lot of users myself. This is something I did to keep Zack’s legacy alive. He changed my life on this site and I want to do the same for others. I also stepped out of the guilds for a bit and hung out solely in the public Forums. Now, I’ve learned my way around this place and am in both the guilds and the Forums all the time. I’m also a major art collector. You can actually see all of my art down there in my gallery.

    All of that being said, never give up on your dreams. Also, never get greedy or selfish – there’s just no point in it. In the end it comes back to bite, believe me. So, let’s just make Gaia a happier place than it’s ever been. ^.^

    Check out my charity/everything guild! <3

    Credits ~
    1. A huge thanks goes out to CD- A R I A x3 for the beautiful profile and to Zenriff for the beautiful two pieces of art featured on the profile! You guys are amazing! <3

    2. Thank you, Left Bird, for helping me troubleshoot issues I was having with the profile. You're amazing! :3 <3

    3. I’d like to thank all of my friends who have helped me through my journeys here on Gaia and who have always been around to help me out when I needed it.

    4. Finally, thank you, Zack, for being the one to teach me how a Gaian should truly be. It was a great honor to meet you and to become your friend and I hope real life is being kind to you. I wish you nothing but great and prosperous things.

    I love you all! <3

      ** None of this art has been drawn by me! All credit goes to the amazing artists. <3 I've got more art than I want to display here, so follow the link to see it all. ^.^


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Amensu Saje's Journal

A collection of the important and necessary symbols, images, and other information that I need for many different things that I do here on Gaia.



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Brain-kun just showed me your comic! It is FREAKING AWESOME! scream emotion_kirakira kirakira:
Thaaaaaank yooooooou ;____;

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thanks for buying xd xd

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its because of having obessive thoughts about him but working on it and working on giving him his space.

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i have been having alot of aniexty because my boyfriend broke up with me a couple weeks ago. and i'm doing box office at my movie theater job this saturday.

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hey how are you? what have you been up to?

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i'm okay

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hi how are you?
Mr Find It

Report | 05/20/2014 9:43 pm

Mr Find It

thanks for the buy

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Hey Amensu! If you don't mind me asking, who made your profile! It is awesome!


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