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I'm Mars. I've been on this here site for a while, and it's got its up and downs.
I've met some really cool people throughout the time and I've also met some lame lads and lasses
I've taken notice that there's a lot of real bitchy and narcissistic people here but don't you worry -- Mars is chill like a water stream. B)

I'm Egyptian. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

I adore nature with all of my heart!

music.. I'm just gonna list off everything I listen to.
Björk, Aphex Twin, Gorillaz, Judas Priest, Acid Witch, Crystal Castles, Electric Wizard, Team Sleep, RJD2, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Sade, Saint Vitus, Peter Cetera, Danzig, Ghost, Om, Darius, Caravan Palace, Boards of Canada, Thrill Kill Kult, deine Lakaien, Alice in Chains, Amy Winehouse, the ENGLISH Boa, The Smiths, Spacegoat, Guano Apes, Pink Floyd, Buckethead, The Cranberries, Linda Ronstadt, Boards of Canada, Silversun Pickups, Casker, and Origa.

Aleister Crowley is ma' n***a.-

I dig drawing and I always have. No commissions at the moment tho.

I speak some German.

I love the topic of religion. I like to talk 'bout it and stuff. It's interesting to read about. Just shoot an inquiry for other topics
I miss Dream of Mirror Online. Talk to me 'bout it.

I HATE doing signs and I will not do them. Please refrain from asking o/ Don't ask me to RP either
Anime is alright, I'm not a die-hard fan of it all but I have some things I like.

There's Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne, G.I.T.S, Serial Experiments: Lain.. If anything some of the finest stuff were some animated movies like Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, or Spirited Away -- Paprika, Princess Mononoke and what not.

I like movies yes; lately I've looked into horror and exploitation stuff, no Conjuring Paranormal Activity bull, some real horrid stuff. You wanna see, just shoot me a pm!
Course I enjoy comedies, and action.

I dig the Soul Calibur franchise with Street Fighter and Sonic and others.

Can't forget I also really like Star Ocean. Some of Final Fantasy is okay but I'm not completely into it. Dead or Alive is meh, not too bad. Ace Attorney tho -- then there's the little portions.

Don't be afraid to speak to me. Again, I love to talk yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif
Melodies from Mars