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I would like to make it clear that I will most likely not be online as much. For one Gaia is becoming an awful place, and I have been suffering from sickness and school. If you wish to contact me more often, please take the time to add my skype "melloyu-". Onwards....

I'm Mars! or hajicat. I'll give some dets

First, I adore nature with all of my heart!
I am of Greek descent.
Here's all the music I can think of that I listen to:
Björk, Aphex Twin, Gorillaz, Judas Priest, Acid Witch, Crystal Castles, Electric Wizard, Team Sleep, RJD2, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Sade, Saint Vitus, Peter Cetera, Danzig, Ghost, Om, Darius, Caravan Palace, Boards of Canada, Thrill Kill Kult, Beach Boys, Grimes, Sisters of Mercy, Purity Ring,Tiger Army, CHVRCHES, Bobby Caldwell, Johnny Hobo & the Freight Trains, The Black Keys, Alice in Chains, Wumpscut, KMFDM, Amy Winehouse, the ENGLISH Boa, The Smiths, Spacegoat, The Atomic Bitchwax, Black Pyramid, Lonely Kamel, Guano Apes, Pink Floyd, Buckethead, Electric Moon, The Cranberries, Linda Ronstadt, Silversun Pickups, Casker, Studio Killers. . .

Aleister Crowley is a wonderful man who walked the earth!

I would describe myself as lenient and empathetic, getting angry is very difficult for me, and I try my best to understand and help.

I dig drawing and I always have (sample here) (und hier) (dont forget hier). I tackle semi-realism and realism, and enjoy a variety of styles which are sometimes out of my reach. I dabble in architecture and carpentry as well.

Ich spreche klein Deutsch!

I love the topic of religion, from the three leading religions to anything esoteric. Other than that I like talking about all sorts of other things.
Aside from my artsy portion, I do enjoy cardio and core exercise. It was only until months ago where I found the value and entertainment in exercising and I love it!

I am a veteran of Dream of Mirror Online, and I continue to play the Subagames version! I am on the first Pandora server and my user is svetlana.

Feel free to spar with me in Soul Calibur V! Shoot me a pm for my PSN!
Don't be afraid to speak to me, I am kind to many. I'm open to helping many also, feel free to shoot me a pm if you need someone. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
Melodies from Mars