im ♕ℳel and thats it
will prob change this later when im not lazy and depressed

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VermiIion Report | 09/21/2017 2:25 am
Yokies Report | 09/03/2017 1:39 am
Very true, it just sucked that like.. he was the reason they did so well and they let that six month thing dictate his reward >>;;
But this time around it was an even better bonus and he got all of it so good times~
Yokies Report | 09/03/2017 12:18 am
At least a slight bit isn't too bad. ; w ;

Yeah I'm happy for him~ The first bonus he was supposed to get, he got a bit cheated out of.
Since he hadn't been there six months yet, he only got like a fourth of what he should have, it really sucked.
Yokies Report | 09/03/2017 12:12 am
Ah that sucks. I'd offer to buy but as we established before I buy for a lot less. XD;;
Hopefully you can still make a profit or at least not lose gold because that would suck a lot worse.

A little bit, my husband got his first official bonus today! It would be on his next check. o w o
I'm happy to hear he's finally being recognized for his work~ We also got a bit of money because our house took some damage.
Nothing too serious but it was nice of his company to give us some money for that.
Yokies Report | 09/03/2017 12:07 am
Yeah I noticed. It seemed like a really good way to make fast, good profit.
But now so many people are in it, it's basically just exchanging between all their hands LOL
Yokies Report | 09/03/2017 12:02 am
Omg if they're both in the buying GC game you'd think they'd know the other isn't going to buy for what they want LOL
Yokies Report | 09/02/2017 11:54 pm
I guess it adds up but I feel like that's way too much effort LOL
Yokies Report | 09/02/2017 10:00 pm
Yeah that's true!
Yeah I've seen a lot less people selling today.
Yokies Report | 09/02/2017 6:00 pm
Damn I missed that LOL
I got one for 1.3 but that would have also been awesome to grab
Yokies Report | 09/01/2017 5:49 pm
I take it you bought the GC with gold? Hopefully you can at least get back what you paid.

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