Heyo, I'm ♕ℳel, a very introverted gal.
Personality type is INFP, horoscope sign is Capricorn.
Extreme League fangirl and drama addict.
Also an aesthetics lover and writing enthusiast.
Fridays and Saturdays have never felt so far away.

Linda is 5ever my soulmate and bae ♡

Ex Rox Tigers will forever be in my heart qq.
SKT Peanut's number one fan till the end of life.
Lowkey cheering for TSM even though they make me cry.

No, the girl in the left picture is not me.
It's an icon I found somewhere on Tumblr.
Click the music icon to pause the song.

Make my heart go doki doki and maybe
I give you my heart, no joke/real joke.
Anyways, I don't even know bye.

Profile is made by me,
wowzo coding is hard

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Rainbow Pastries Report | 08/18/2017 3:19 pm
Rainbow Pastries
Thank you for buying 4laugh
LunarKittyMagic Report | 08/17/2017 6:10 pm
out of stock
LunarKittyMagic Report | 08/17/2017 6:04 pm
I wish you had hit me up sooner! If you're still buying in bulk a week from now I'll have it.
LunarKittyMagic Report | 08/17/2017 5:57 pm
Thank youuuuu~
bbyeol Report | 08/06/2017 1:29 am
hi i really like the song you have on your profile
would you mind telling me the name? :-)
Whispering Sin Report | 07/31/2017 7:52 pm
Whispering Sin
currently obsessed with your profile song
ok bye
ewrr Report | 06/14/2017 9:27 pm
User ImageUser Image
ewrr Report | 06/13/2017 10:55 pm
ur avata r User Image
ewrr Report | 05/08/2017 3:03 pm
which ones r coming out
ewrr Report | 05/03/2017 10:03 pm
for me i've got a little bit of time but like none of the ones out except for the ones i mentioned interest me User Image

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