About Mellllow~

Hi, welcome, salutations, ohayo!! ~
I am Melllow! ^ /// ^
RL name or what I go by here: Mel, Melllowboo, Hailey, or Sky.
- I am 19, love people, and have a very silly personality. ^-^
- I love video games, I have a steam and am very fond of the SNES console xD
- I love every possible anime out there besides lewd, horror, and gore. ;~;
- I have a huge sweet tooth, so you could probably get a good first impression as to why I don't like scary or insolent things x3
- No: I am not a lolita or Asian.
- Yes: I am just a porcelain skinned dork who just loves Asian culture in general and cute things xD xD
- Frickin love tea man, especially Green Apricot or Peach tea.. :D :D :D
- OMGGGG I love drawing and creating avi-arts! It's pretty grand! Woo! Art!
- (( I am also a socially awkward turtle when it comes to talking about myself---OH FLIP-- THEY'RE ON TO ME-- hide meeeeee. /.))
I am quite shy when you first meet me, but I turn out to have a bubbly & happy personality once we become friends! ~
- I am passionate about my faith and have a thing for Aztec Hot Cocoas and purty sunsets! YEA!
There's the basics of... ME! (^U^)/ Ta-da!