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    **News: Meliroo, the old lady, has not been on as often as she used to. Thank college for that.

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    Age: Gah. 19
    Gender: Female
    Location: Minnesota, relocated to Iowa for the time being
    Status: Single and contemplative
    Orientation: Straight
    Loves: Dinosaurs, orange and blue, art, music, unicorns, bad movies, bad 80's movies, Doctor Who.

    About me:
    I'm in college currently. Although I may kid about spending my time in the kitchen making sammiches, I actually am a very bright person. I'm studying industrial engineering at ISU.

    I love love love music. It has helped me through some rough times, and has otherwise helped me identify with moments in my life.

    I'm quirky and odd. But who isn't nowadays?

    Meliroo's "Do"s
    1. Leave me comments. Especially nice ones.
    2. Give me art. Maybe I'll trade with you.
    3. Talk about my favorite things. I <3 Geek-out moments, and apparently I'm cute when I have them. . .
    ; O
    4. I will occasionally donate to people. Friends first, random causes second. I will NEVER donate to a person that asks. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Meliroo's "Don'ts"
    1. Don't be a dumb a**.
    2. Don't confuse "Meliroo" for "Bank." I don't like beggars.
    3. Don't mess with my friends. Capice?
    4. I'm not here to entertain you. I don't expect the same from you.
    5. I don't do mainstream.
    6. I don't like starting conversations.
    7. I loathe random friend requests. DON'T ADD ME.

    PS...I clean out my friends list often. If I haven't heard from you in a while..you're probably already off my friends list.