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Send the pain below me...

My poetry/Journal.

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A collection of my thoughts, happenings, and poems.

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Daitara on 07/22/2014

About the handsome, the perfect, the manly, Meikoi.

Age: 19.
Sex: Male.
Status: Single.
Orientation: Bisexual.

My name's Meikoi Xenrae Vertur Rochfort. I have a sick, dark, twisted sense of humor. I'm terribly blunt, so if you ask something and then complain about your feelings, feel free to piss off. I'm a Sadist/Masochist. I am commonly referred to as an egotistical, selfish p***k, and a waste of time and flesh. If you're going to talk to me, you better know your grammar and spelling. I enjoy both men and women. I'll raise my fist before I raise my voice.

If you meet me on Gaia chances are you're going to do so in Towns2. I'll most likely be AFK, or be surrounded by the few people that I actually give a s**t about. Be cautious when approaching me, you only get one chance to intrigue me, make it count.

Questions I am commonly asked, answered by myself:

Q: Do you still do avatar art?
A: No, no I do not. Do not ask me to.

Q: In a male relationship, are you dominant, or submissive, in other words, Uke or Seme?
A: I like to refer to myself as a switch, or a Seke. Though normally I am submissive, or 'Uke'. Rarely, will you see me be dominant.

Q: Why do you crossdress (On gaia and rl.)?
A: Because, I am transgender. MTF. This is, I am a male, and I feel I am a female, just trapped in a male's body. Heh.

Anything else about me:
I'm goofy sometimes, and I mess around a lot, 99% of the time I am joking, and what I say is just messing around. Don't take anything I say seriously unless I tell you to. Don't bother me with pathetic attempts to make me 'swoon' over you, they will be to no avail.

I'm not seeking anything at the moment, so leave me alone.

That being said, ******** off.

Calen Arkadys
Loveless Ruro
Milky Skittle
Kokoro Kodo
Su-Wa Ein Dio
Knight Mare Hero
Princely Booty
lll Y a o i lll
Foxtrot Fallout

I have pictures all over this side -- -- - -- -- ----> of my profile. They are all drawn by me. Feel free to scroll about.... Ask me about the dirty ones. Ehehe.