hey, sup


this section keeps deleting itself at random lol (kill me)

uh... my name irl is sara. that or megg is ok. idrc a whole lot
i have a bfa in fine arts. i mostly studied comics and fiber arts to get it lol.
i live in new mexico/chicago depending on when you're reading this!!
if you're into that personality s**t i'm an intp 5w4 which ugh, i know right??? insufferable
completely insufferable. it's cool tho i'm chill

i play a lot a lot of overwatch. mostly ana! sometimes sombra/widow. on console though rip
i like mixed drinks and jokes and dinner and old video games and yeah a lot of really specific s**t i'll spare you the details on.

i have a tumblr like most people on the internet but it contains 0 shitposts or fandom things. it is here. you might like it if you're into vintage japanese computing or contemporary art or whatever. hey.