Me? Why, I'm Simply Amazing, of course. wink

Chances are, you'll disagree with me there, but it's the thought that counts. I'm called Maze. Why? 'Cause Mace was already taken.

I don't mind. Maze suits me just fine too. ^_^

I have a number of likes and dislikes, much like most other people, I have at least one pet of one type or another, and am liable to be anywhere between 20 and 40 years old.

That last part's mostly a guess, though.

Additional User Notes: The Maze does not go well with hairspray.

Also, the Maze adores the rag-doll system in Prince of Persia. Sweet, sweet songs of massacre she sings while slaying things for sand.

Recently, it has come to my attention that there are people here on Gaia who are under the impression that I'm perfect. My lawyers indicate it wise not to discuss the veracity of their claim, but what follows here, is the (really rather short xd ) list of people with this particular idea;

The List;
• [Harakiri]
• [Poke]-a-[Dot]
• Vio-kun
• sporknotes
• Kadrin_Stryph
• SideBySide
• Novaekulla
• Mitena
• KotokoPlum
• ExInfestedEdge
• Violette PureHeart
• Cinnamon_Digory
• Hydra-Star
• Autumn
• Ina-bean
• Stream Line Ego
[ Danjah ]

.. Well, I did warn you it was really rather short. surprised

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Maze's Matchsticks Mendacity

<b>Maze's Matchsticks Mendacity</b>

Research into Asatru, focussing on Tyr and Zisa, as well as some roleplaying stuff. Oh, and Loki, of course. Mustn't forget the shoddy b*****d :)



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ALSO!!! hope it's not too late but thanks so much!! the migraines aren't so frequent right now B) but woah cold tiles?! I'll try that out when I do get my migraines~
Usually I just lie down in bed and wrap myself into a blanket burrito and sleep it off ;;;;; it sucks because i can't handle bright lights or loud music cause I see those weird visual aura things
I hope you're having a nice week ^o^

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of curse i already downloaded all the soundtrack

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that song is amazing maze i love it

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"Oh." Was all Buibui said in response to Dean's excuse and 'confession' of being rude. "Well, it is tucked back pretty far! Most people can't find it unless they get directions." She proudly exclaimed, naïvely falling for his white lie. Her smile returned as she laughed, "I don't think you have bad manners at all! You wouldn't so kindly offer something to drink if you did!" Buibui had to think for a moment on whether she would accept his offer or not. Her parents always warned her against taking anything to eat or drink from strangers, but Dean didn't seem that bad. She liked his smile, it seemed trustworthy. "Hmm,..Yes please!" She squeaked with a nod. Having never been to a pub before, the spider silently wondered what exactly they'd be drinking. Apple juice? Oooh, orange juice? Milk?

"So where are you from? Do you live in the woods too? Are there more pixies like you?" Buibui asked, eyes shining with curiosity once more. Once more, the image of her mother popped into her head. "Oh, sorry, am I asking too many questions?" She questioned. The spider didn't want to be the rude one!

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His smile had her on cloud nine. To meet such a nice man and (in her eyes) be making friends so quickly? She must be the luckiest spider alive!

"A pixie?! I thought you were a dragonfly!" Buibui gasped, this time waiting for him to finish speaking. Her five eyes widened in amazement. She'd never in a million years dreamed that she'd ever meet a pixie. Her parents had told her stories and fairy tales about them when she was young, but always insisted they were not real. A bit silly to tell a magic spider, but Buibui never questioned what they told her. The spiderling had to use every once of self control she possessed to not immediately bombard him with a million questions. She mentally pictured her dear old mother scolding her for how rude it would be.

"Where am I from?" Buibui parroted the question, "Oh, just a house in the woods not too far from here. It is small, but nice." The spiderling took a second to look towards a window to get her bearings. "It's...hmmm,....That way!" She exclaimed, pointing left with two hands. Her joyful grin slid from her face when she put her focus back on Dean. Why was he frowning? Did she not answer his question right? Did he not like the woods? Buibui cocked her head to the side. "Did I say something wrong? Did I offend you? I'm real sorry if I did." She apologized, casting her gaze downward.
Jade King LOVES

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Jade King LOVES

(Forgive the spamming...I'm a dumb-dumb who presses "submit" too quickly!)

*Someone will be lucky to find that coat you left behind! whee
Jade King LOVES

Report | 03/07/2017 12:05 pm

Jade King LOVES

Oops, didn't see your comment from earlier!! Sorry! And yes, WA state is super outdoorsy, which is one of the reasons why I love it up here! 4laugh Lots of Native American history and culture in various parts of WA too. Some town/city names still hold a lot of Native American influence!

D'aww, poor you for losing your coat here in WA! Someone

Huh, fascinating information about tap water. I didn't know that!! How luxurious it is to be able to have clean, drinkable water in most public areas in the Netherlands. In the US, we have the habit of filtering tap water - even in private spaces, like homes - before drinking. Yeeesh....but even so, some "drinkable water" out there can be questionable. I think these environmental toxins and the way we (Americans) do things aren't so great. gonk

Ahahaha I searched up lagers... it looks like a type of beer! That's so fascinating how you had to substitute water for that whee ! I'm surprised it was a cheaper option too! Ah, and it sounds like you attended college here in the States, is that right?
Jade King LOVES

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Jade King LOVES

I am Taiwanese/Japanese, but most Chinese people think I look Korean. Koreans, though, think I look Japanese. In my opinion, East Asians in general are hard to tell apart, except perhaps through stereotypical attire and mannerisms. Ahahh, nothing boring about being Caucasian! When I was a child, I wanted to be white (as if that was possible, lol).

Oh, I think milk is a good thing! I've never heard of it being bad, unless someone is lactose intolerant, haha. I'll bet that the lowest percentage of residents with lactose intolerance in this world are the Dutch!

Ahh....I wish to visit Europe and the Netherlands one day *___* It's a different world out there!!
Jade King LOVES

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Jade King LOVES

How fabulous that you visited WA and enjoyed it! Ah, August is such a nice time to come! The summers are relatively mild compared to California, where I spent most of my childhood/adult life before relocating to WA less than two years ago! And Sequim, that's really neat~ I haven't been there before! Looking on a map, I see that there's a city named Sequim on the northern coast of WA, across from Victoria Island in Canada. Must be beautiful up there. I should really see more of WA! (Been mostly in the Seattle suburbs area, where I live and work!) whee Ah, and to answer your question, yes -- Alaska is on this end of the continent as well, separated from the rest of the U.S. by Canada... whee Btw, I'm curious to know what you mean by "have trouble with the water" in America. Is it rain that you're referring to, or bodies of water?

You know, I've just heard that the Dutch are very tall, but perhaps it's a stereotype! I'm about 152 cm, so I am quite a bit shorter, but I feel that people of my heritage are generally on the shorter side anyhow! And wow... the idea of a human standing at 200cm+ blows my mind eek
Jade King LOVES

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Jade King LOVES

Wow! Where you live sounds so heavenly. I'm trying to visualize the heaths and landscape in my mind. It's no wonder that you have so many animals living out there! Also, I presume you must be quite tall (170cm+) from your Dutch heritage!

Oh, no need to apologize, and feel free to ask! I'm living in a rural-turned-suburban community in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state). It's a newer community built among what was previously a woodland area, and I'm glad a lot of the woods are still preserved. Tall trees grow quite condensed here, though, so I don't get to see much flat fields and heaths.


On vacation. Don't burn down the forest while I'm gone. I'll be cross, I promise.