Me? Why, I'm Simply Amazing, of course. smilies/icon_wink.gif

Chances are, you'll disagree with me there, but it's the thought that counts. I'm called Maze. Why? 'Cause Mace was already taken.

I don't mind. Maze suits me just fine too. ^_^

I have a number of likes and dislikes, much like most other people, I have at least one pet of one type or another, and am liable to be anywhere between 20 and 40 years old.

That last part's mostly a guess, though.

Additional User Notes: The Maze does not go well with hairspray.

Also, the Maze adores the rag-doll system in Prince of Persia. Sweet, sweet songs of massacre she sings while slaying things for sand.

Recently, it has come to my attention that there are people here on Gaia who are under the impression that I'm perfect. My lawyers indicate it wise not to discuss the veracity of their claim, but what follows here, is the (really rather short smilies/icon_xd.gif) list of people with this particular idea;

The List;
• [Harakiri]
• [Poke]-a-[Dot]
• Vio-kun
• sporknotes
• Kadrin_Stryph
• SideBySide
• Novaekulla
• Mitena
• KotokoPlum
• ExInfestedEdge
• Violette PureHeart
• Cinnamon_Digory
• Hydra-Star
• Autumn
• Ina-bean
• Stream Line Ego
[ Danjah ]

.. Well, I did warn you it was really rather short. smilies/icon_surprised.gif

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Maze's Matchsticks Mendacity

<b>Maze's Matchsticks Mendacity</b>

Research into Asatru, focussing on Tyr and Zisa, as well as some roleplaying stuff. Oh, and Loki, of course. Mustn't forget the shoddy b*****d :)



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Report | 02/19/2015 2:13 pm


Hahaha, thanks~ rofl <3

Report | 02/19/2015 12:02 pm


Awww, what a sweet song~ <3
Erhard Muller

Report | 01/18/2015 8:45 pm

Erhard Muller

((Hah, ninja-moving in the forums failed XD Hi, Maze!))
((Managed to scrape the thing, so I'm officially unemployed now. rofl It's good to hear from you again too! Be careful of stubbed toes while you're moving your furniture! ;v; ))
Skadi Sundermount

Report | 01/08/2015 12:29 am

Skadi Sundermount

wow that pose and that background are so cute, grumpy little beefy elf sitting in a tree, glaring down at everyone else from his perch, like the most tsundere of birds.
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 01/07/2015 3:19 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Though I haven't watched the Hobbit part III, I read the spoilers anyways - and I didn't even feel shocked, is that sad or what? XD
But I've heard from many others that it is a bit disappointing and has obvious errors in it, which makes me want to shake my fist at them.
When LOTR first came out, everyone was like "DUDE that's SO AWESOME," but now that it's the Hobbit, it's like "...there are so many things wrong with this."
I tend to watch these clips on Youtube that point out tons of movie flaws, if you're interested, here's one:

Cool that you also like Cloak and Dagger~! *high fives back*
I was so lucky to have found the collector's first and second issue of their series in perfect condition, and as well found a few Spider-Man comics from the mid to late 90's.
I found some other comics, some were good, some were so terrible, but eh, all worth the super cheap price of a junk shop's price of $3 and under.

I would really hate if they had the Sparta-dad on there, it'd just make me think of that movie every time I would see him.
So many jokes about kicking people into pits.
Maybe he could kick a person into a black hole and call it a super power. emotion_facepalm

Rocket and Groot are a good combination, seeing that they can understand each other's speech and personality when others don't.
I'm not so sure Groot's vocabulary will be much different though, because in the comics, their woody throats (how awkward to say) makes speech difficult and so they do not need to speak much.
But if he did talk more, I'm not sure that would be a good thing, because I'm not so sure a tree can fully belt out some 70's songs and quote other people.

Gamora and Drax were okay, but I feel there is a lot of room for improvement - they need to learn sarcasm!
*gives each sarcasm points +5 *
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 01/07/2015 1:57 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Surprisingly I did love the effects and technological space-age stuff, because usually that kind of stuff puts me to sleep.
It wasn't as up-there as Captain America, Iron Man and the Avengers, but I think probably because it was more comical than serious at most times.
I mean, Tony Stark didn't start his hip-shaking in front of his enemies to confuse them, but Star-Lord sure did. emotion_awesome
My mom wanted to see it because it had the wrestler guy Bautista and the voice of Vin Diesel.
We just couldn't find the time for the movie because both of our jobs were on different days, off different days, and when we were both off, it was more than likely one of us wasn't feeling very well.
I probably woundn't mind if the movie isn't considered 'that good,' since I'm kind of into lesser-known characters.
Like Cloak & Dagger & Doctor Strange (I have some of their comics) and then there's Darkman's movies I like.
Also I'm amazed that Spawn's movie only remained at one, while the other two remained in comic video tape form, luckily I have those as well, but am afraid to watch them due to my VCR eating my first Spawn video, but I have the first Spawn cartoon video at least. emotion_yatta

I understand what you mean, moving is harsh at first when it comes to not spending on stuff you don't necessarily need.
*gets tossed a comic book and comes back to life*
But congratulations on the new house!
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 01/07/2015 12:06 pm

Shadow Belmonte

I can't wait for the second movie to come out, I hope I can catch it in theaters this time around.
I wanted to so badly for the first one, but every time I got the chance, no one else was able or no one else was willing, so I ended up missing the chance.
But now that I own it, that covers it.

I saw some awesome detailed Rocket figurines in a Walgreens store, but sadly he was the only one.
Though I do love Rocket, I was hoping for all of them to be there as a set, but they were about $20 each, so I didn't buy any of them.

Sorry to say, but my profile will be getting its change yet again soon, since I always change the themes and songs for different things.
*hands over dancing Groot to you*
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 01/05/2015 3:14 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Yes, it is.
You love dancing baby Groot? emotion_kirakira
Skadi Sundermount

Report | 01/05/2015 1:29 pm

Skadi Sundermount

Thanks for the vote and the comment!

Skadi is totally that party member in an rpg who after wading through waist high swamp water comes out the other end without so much as a spot of mud on her fine cloths while everyone else is filthy, wet, and grumpy. XcD
Skadi Sundermount

Report | 01/04/2015 2:19 pm

Skadi Sundermount

the most well mannered massacre anyone has ever seen! XcD


This human thing has +4 Fortitude, -1 Intimidate, apparently. He's not sure what that means, but it's a little better for camouflage than the other human thing, right?

Hairclips, headbands.. Still looking adorable kickass.//Socks in progress.

((Thanks anon XD))