Mayra Betch


I guess it's obvious that my name is Mayra (My-ruh).
Long time Gaian/GDer.
The avatars on my page are my irl besties.
I still attend college and work at a radio station.
Talk to me; I'm very silly and friendly.
Spanish is my first language but I'm fluent in English and Italian.
I'm not that big on music despite being a musician.
I play the viola, cello, double bass and clarinet.
My favorite band was The Mars Volta (RIP).
Sports are my thing and baseball is my life.
RIP Montréal Expos.
Laker Nation and Raider Nation baby!


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Yuber of Dark Rune Report | 11/01/2014 8:35 pm
Yuber of Dark Rune
I know... It's so bad! D;

Heh and Happy Halloween to you too! Hope ya had a good one. <3
Vaquero Galactico Report | 08/22/2014 8:40 pm
Vaquero Galactico
hug a thug Report | 06/10/2014 11:11 am
hug a thug

is a huuuuuuuge

mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen
Yuber of Dark Rune Report | 01/19/2014 3:20 pm
Yuber of Dark Rune
Hm, well you may have been doing Art 1 or 2 depending on how many times you took the class. If I remember right, you were just in Art 1 right? I think that was why sometimes we had totally different projects. I also know that not everyone was able to do woodburning, but I know you were one of the peeps that did that project too, though. lol Heh I still have some of the plants and paints Ms. Burch gave me. She was a nice lady. xD Probably one of my favorite teachers, if not my favorite. Ha ha ha The ceramics teacher didn't like me too much. lolol

Hey if I am able to take that class with you, it'll be the first time I'd be taking classes with someone I know. Sounds kinda fun. Especially since I tend to feel alone in all my classes. I'll probably even pitch in for gas money. Geez, betch... I dunno how you're able to balance 5 classes and a job. x_x That sounds so friggin stress inducing. I'm a little worried about my classes this year. Professor Cooper has already told us if we miss more than a day of class that we should just drop out and one class she even kicked out more than half the students for not doing their homework. >_< She even said if that seemed extreme then to just drop out of her class. It was a big mistake to have her for two classes this semester. D; I'm paranoid now.

lol and yep! This laptop is older 5 years or so now. I know I had this same computer back in high school. Geez, I'm surprised I made it last this long. Still seems to run pretty well too besides the slow start ups. Heh heh I'll bare in mind windows 8 is not doing well right now. lol I remember when people said the same thing about Vista too. I had to do a system restore because while I was reading a comic online, one of the ads had a trojan attached and it ******** my computer up where a restore was the only option. Ya know, I oddly miss the IMVU stuff too. I would be surprised if my account was still around. xD

Heh thx betch. Ha ha there's a picture I should be working on for a friend but I procrastinate big time. Hm I think I have those same kind of situations. >_< When I'm on the spot or doing something I know many people are going to look at and judge me for I panic and do terribly. D; I can never do math before a classroom, I get incredibly nervous and feel horribly inadequate. It's happened with me and timed art pieces too. I don't cope well under pressure. What classes did you have that felt the worse like that?

HAHA HA Deal with the length of this COMMENT! DEAL WITH IT!! BROKEN CAPSLOCK!!!!!
LOL you so hipster! j/k I've been mainly playing on my 3DS. I spent hundreds of hours on Monster Hunter and also play things like Phoenix Wright: Duel Destinies, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and Fire Emblem Awakening. I want to do better with music games though. Ha ha I stuck on Theatrhytm.
Yuber of Dark Rune Report | 01/17/2014 4:26 pm
Yuber of Dark Rune
It wasn't so much a 2 semester class. I recall Mrs. Burch telling us during out first semester that if we repeated her class, it would count as Art 2. It was why we had different projects from the rest of the class most of the time. I think I took art 3 years because it was so fun for me. xD I actually miss her class. It was pretty laid back and fun for me. I liked it better than my Ceramics class. Mrs. Burch was pretty nice to me.

Ha ha, well if there's no prerequisites or if I already qualify then I will definitely take you up on that offer, betch. xD As convenient as the buses are now, they are still a pain in the a**. Ha ha is it wrong of me to think the letter art looks hard? Well I have never done letter art before so I have no idea if I would be any better at it. Still it sounds fun. Ha ha but I don't deal with stress well yet. D; Still, might be a fun course to try.

Not liking your classes?

Naw, I still have and use the same laptop from over 5 years ago. D; I did have to do a system restore 2 years ago, but my sister gave me Sai and Photoshop, so I didn't bother to download gimp until recently.

D'aww thanks betch! You flatter me. Ha ha, I still need a lot of practice. Sometimes I lose motivation because I really don't see myself improving at all. Part of me wants to take art class so I could be forced to draw more often. Ha ha the criticism I got on my first wood burning piece for art class still haunts me. lol Ha ha! Yes the line tool is your best friend, betch!
Heh well I have been slaughtering more peeps in games lately. Well... mostly playing rhythm games. xDDD
Yuber of Dark Rune Report | 01/06/2014 10:43 pm
Yuber of Dark Rune
Yeah that's one of the things I remember from it the most was the smell of the burning wood. I dunno when I'm going to mess around with it. I have been really busy with other stuff, but I'm hoping to try it out sometime soon.
lol I think I remember that Tiger. It's that Ed Hardy Tiger right?

Stressful huh? Hm, well at least there's some fun stuff in it. Heh, I actually redownloaded Gimp a few months ago, so let's see if I remember where I got it.
Just click the giant orange button at the top

Lol Thanks. I am starting to get a lot more used to it now. I still only ever draw though if I feel like drawing something for someone. I don't draw as often as I should to improve. Ha ha but naw, I stole dat wallpaper. xD Then I shaded it so it would blend with the rest of the pic and stuff. Same with all the textures in there. Oddly the carpet took the longest to find and I edited it to hell! xDDD
Yuber of Dark Rune Report | 12/31/2013 7:48 am
Yuber of Dark Rune
lol Yeah the time's been going really fast. xD
Heh heh heh Awww, why thank you~
I got a wood burning kit. Remember the woodburning project in Mrs. Burch's classes?
Well give me a slap of wood and I can do that shet now. xDDDD
I also got a lil wooden chest to test it out on.

Oh wow, maybe I should take that class. lol As much as I use programs like photoshop, I really don't know the best short cuts and ways to do certain things. xD That picture is pretty awesome, btw. Pfft those other bitches didn'tleave ya much food did they?

Naw, it's been a while since I drew something dark. I kinda miss it. I ended up drawing this though for a gaian friend:
A Basch for Christmas
Yuber of Dark Rune Report | 12/25/2013 3:32 pm
Yuber of Dark Rune
Hope you had a Merry Christmas. xD
hillary84 Report | 12/03/2013 4:19 am
Happy Birthday. Sorry if I'm late in telling you. smile
Khenedi Ellman Report | 11/27/2013 11:44 am
Khenedi Ellman
Happy Birthday blaugh



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