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Obviously my name is Mayra (my-ruh) but I'm not really a betch.
I'm pretty nice, silly and full of lulz; you should talk to me.
The avis on my page are my irl besties.
Sports are my L I F E!
Raider Nation & Laker Nation, baby!

1. I hate Anime. So why am I on Gaia? I love the forums and being able to be creative with my profile.

2. In 2014 I lost over 50 pounds. Why is that weird? If you knew me irl you would know how lazy I am.

3. I am not that big on music. I work at a radio station but I rarely listen to music, as a matter of fact I only have 29 songs on my iPhone, ALL MARS VOLTA.

4. I look at people's hair and feet a lot. I don't get why but that catches my attention.

5. I am OCD about nail polish. Chipped nail polish on my nails really ticks me off. My nails have to either be 100% painted or the polish comes off.

6. I eat the crust of my sandwiches first. Hello, best for last?!

7. Muscular guys are a turn off . Who needs the gym? Oh wait...

8. Moms love me. I have never met a friend's mom that didn't fall in love with me. What can I say? I am a wonderful person.

9. I hate going out. THAT IS NOT UNUSUAL BUT UNLIKE MOST PEOPLE I AM AN EXTROVERT. I'm not socially awkward, quite the opposite, I am usually the life any room but I would rather spend time by myself.

10. I hate even numbers and will go out of my way to avoid them. OCD, right?

11. I told you I hate even numbers and I would do anything to avoid em. smilies/icon_rofl.gif

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Fou Osa
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