Also known as..: Ma-ya, Big Sis, Big Maya, Blue Swan
Japanese Name: 天野 舞耶 or マーヤ
Romaji: Amano Maya
First Appearance: Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Weapon: Twin Pistols
Arcana: The Moon
Persona(s): Maia, Maia Prime, Artemis
Date of Birth: 7/04 (July 4th)
Age: 23
Zodiac: Cancer

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Maya Amano is a cheerful and compassionate woman, and works as a reporter for the teen magazine Coolest. Maya is also known for her motto, "Let's Think Positive!".

Maya often takes the role of a leader in the group, even in Persona 2: Innocent Sin where she is not the protagonist. Her unstoppable optimism and kindheartedness inspired and encouraged the group throughout the events of the game, making her an unforgettable force within the world they inhabited. Maya also often cheers the party up with her stuffed rabbit doll, which she calls "Mr. Bunbun".

Maya functions as the silent protagonist in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment but still retains components of her Innocent Sin personality.

• Persona 2: Innocent Sin (Major Character)
• Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (Protagonist)
• Persona 3 (Handle for another character)
• Persona 4 (Similar character name; "Mayumi Yamano")
• DemiKids: Dark Version: BattleNet Opponent
• DemiKids: Light Version: BattleNet Opponent

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