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Je11yf1sh Report | 09/10/2016 9:07 am
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thank you for your purchase heart
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~ Report | 08/08/2016 10:55 am
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~
Oh, then yes, I am younger by 2 years, lol.

Definitely reformed.... Well, more like, I have learned that not living with parents leads to pretty much no restrictions on anything.... sweatdrop

Yeah, once of these days [probably in another month or so lmfao] I will sit down and dedicate a day to backing up certain forums I enjoyed, especially ones with my friends. 3nodding
meansprout Report | 08/03/2016 10:03 am
u kawaii ********
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~ Report | 08/02/2016 8:52 pm
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~
[color+#CCCCCC]Not sure? I'm honestly not thaaat old, but I definitely am out of the loop with a lot of stuff, it seems, haa. sweatdrop

The bars were a bit much looking back, but meh... My family is weird, I guess, lol.

Yeah, I mused over possibly backing up all the data from some of my favorite threads of past, but that takes time, and well, I'm too lazy to dedicate that much effort to it... lol
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~ Report | 08/01/2016 3:23 pm
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~
Interesting... I feel so old and out of touch with modern stuff some times... haha.... sweatdrop

Not bad, just.... a kid, hahahahaha. sweatdrop

I wish it was easier to save some of my older posts and stuff to gaia....
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~ Report | 08/01/2016 2:43 pm
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~
I guess i'm old.... I don't understand why anyone would even participate in that? Lying to make people 'fall in love' with you is immature...

I feel like my entire childhood was spent grounded... Haa... And yes, at one time, I had bars on my bedroom window because I was sneaking out.... sweatdrop

Yeah, my first posts are also over a decade old.... I like to look through old saved pm's and reminiscence of all the good times, haha.
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~ Report | 08/01/2016 2:11 pm
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~
Catfish? Hmmm, not aware of that, I don't think....

I was ornery back then.... sweatdrop But since being back in contact with lots of my old Gaia acquaintances, I've been told I have changed a lot. sweatdrop

I love being able to customize my avi so often. 3nodding And yes, waaaaay too easy to fall into the money claws of gaia.... crying

My first posts aren't pretty either, hahaha. But then again, it was from the mid 2000's so...... yeah.... lol

Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~ Report | 08/01/2016 9:46 am
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~
I remember when I found out where my friends were in the world and was shocked to find out they were an ocean away, haha. sweatdrop Finding out what someone looks like, especially after you've been talking to this person every day for over a year, is an amazing thing. I wish the world was like that still... Future generations will never get to feel that.... *Sigh*

The default for female avis are fairly blocky.... I am SO grateful that the new items allow for different styles and positions, so you can choose to look "girlier" with crossed legs, or more "fierce" with a fun stance, etc etc.

I may be wrong, and probably am, since it has been years, but I feel like you might have had a sort of "kingdom hearts" feel going on... Hmmm... Guess I can't really remember all that perfectly....

I totally hate the "pay to play" ways of this new Gaia.... crying

I went through my archives a few days ago, and was smitten with all the wonderful RPs I was in. heart
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~ Report | 07/28/2016 12:53 pm
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~
I was fairly guarded about giving out my personal details back then. Times have changed, I think. When I was younger, knowing everything about the person you were typing with was sort of... taboo? More like, if you didn't know them from school or family settings, you didn't give out too personal of info. Now, it's totally acceptable...

That makes me feel old... Haha... sweatdrop

The changes to the options for leg poses made me jump with joy when I returned to gaia. I love them!

My blue lolita set. heart That was my pride and joy, being able to save up for my kiki slippers and my orphan child, etc.

The economy is tanked. I went to look for avi artists, and was cruising around the forums for prices. Instead of art being like, 5k to 50k, it's now in the billions! My jaw dropped when I saw those prices. It's such a shame....

I also spend most of my time putting together outfits that I think either match my mood for that day, or look unique. Currently looking for steampunk items. whee

I have fun changing mine when I'm bored. Like tonight, I have an event to go to, so I might change my avi to something stylist... Who knows. xp
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~ Report | 07/27/2016 7:31 pm
Narea k.p ~!~Wink~!~
I totally agree! I was looking through my facebook messages, and randomly saw a message from a really old friend from gaia, but the message was from 2012.... I wanted to die inside. I used to use AIM for EVERYTHING, now, I don't even know if that still exists....

I was wondering that myself. When I finally logged back on, my items I spent years saving for and collecting were looking so... newbish.... It was mortifying.

I do appreciate the versatility of the avis now, but.... I remember when people recognized your avi instead of your username, and when you collected avi art, it actually looked like it was all done for one account... Now, people are changing their avis every day it seems. sad

Though, I guess I have no right to talk. I do enjoy switching mine up now and again since I've been back, though definitely not every day...

And the micro-transactions~ Geezus!! gonk


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