What up profile lurker. My name's Matt.
I don't remember how to make profiles. So, this is what you get.
I've been on Gaia for a long a** time, I'm not incredibly active, but I come back from time to time just waste an afternoon.

I cook professionally and love my job.
Send me message if you wanna learn some s**t.
Or just send me Pm's anyways.
Cause, I ********' like 'em.

All my pictures look like s**t.
But, dog is photogenic as hell.
Basch is my 1-year old, 160 pound tank of dumb and love.


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Saw you in cb..I think I remember you. whee ...don't feel bad though, no one ever remembers me. lmao
Yusuke Tagansai Redux

Report | 12/10/2015 11:23 am

Yusuke Tagansai Redux


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Memories of Happiness

Report | 02/23/2015 1:06 pm

Memories of Happiness

Thank you for your purchase
Faerie KatrinaZ

Report | 01/22/2015 2:43 am

Faerie KatrinaZ

Welcome to the Gaian Geezers Guild! 4laugh
Doodling Mimi

Report | 03/27/2014 7:42 pm

Doodling Mimi

Ice skating is fun tho. Do you have skype btw? o;
Doodling Mimi

Report | 03/20/2014 8:13 pm

Doodling Mimi

Oh? You play hocky? I didn't know that.

We only keep the tv going because mom found out they have Korean channels lol.
Doodling Mimi

Report | 03/18/2014 10:55 pm

Doodling Mimi

//wiggles my fingers around

BuT i LiKeeeE bEeiNG mYsTERiouuuUsss~

Who watches tv anymore tho~ That's so 2000&late.
Doodling Mimi

Report | 03/18/2014 10:50 pm

Doodling Mimi

That's when I started watching it lol.
I'm addicted yo. ;c.. I love the comic and wanted to stay true to it but I see why there's so much hype around the show.

& Yah, you did~ We've known each other for quite a while. Not by this user tho. c:
Doodling Mimi

Report | 03/18/2014 10:39 pm

Doodling Mimi

What happened to towns? o;

You always seemed to have luck there. Do you watch the walking dead by any chance? >->'



Send Pm's. Such lonely.
See mine and my dogs ugly mugs in profile.