Matsumori Kotetsu

Adult Human
D.O.B: May 3rd.

Kotetsu is one of the strongest/experienced Medics who travel around from region to region, delivering medicine and performs healing of all kind to anyone. She is the current head and eldest sister of the Matsumori family and head of Matsumori Hospital, incharge of the medical divison of the Matsumori family.

Kotetsu practices the Matsumori Healing Arts, a technique passed through the generations of her family. The technique evolves the use of the surrounding energy and nature that is thus absorbed into the healers body, mixing with their inner energy(Chi) and released using healing spells titled Chiyu, an ancient practice.

And, just in case, Matsumori Medics also have offense and defensive spells called "Chiyu-do."


Kotetsu is a gentle and soft-spoken woman who is rather friendly toward everyone. When even seen being strict or serious, she always bares the same smile on her face. She does not limit herself to anyone or anything when performing medical duties, even healing other creatures, animals and worthy enemies. She has a very mother-like personality.