Just some information about myself.

Who are you? (Who who? Who who?)

Mathew is in fact my real first name.

I am 22 years old and I stand at 5'2".

My hobbies are drawing, crafting, cooking, and video games.

I have 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 3 cockatiels, 3 cats, and a single mom.

I live in a small town.

I'm currently brainstorming for the novel, The Monster Within.

I am...

Irish, Italian, and Lebanese
The middle child
Interested in men
Potentially genderqueer
An open otaku
A competitive Pokemon player, armed with EV and IV knowledge
A cat lover
A surviving bully victim
A big nerd
A foodie
Very forgetful
A Diaper Lover


Food: I love cheese, pasta, and rice. I also really love meat and I hope to try lamb, rabbit, duck, goose, deer, buffalo, mammoth (if we bring them back in my lifetime), octopus, squid, lobster, and some more fish someday.

Music: I listen to every genera and go for its gold. The genres I tend to listen to more are trance, techno, classic rock, celtic, 8-bit, remix, eurobeat, power metal, symphonic metal, and new age.

Games: Nintendo ftw with Mario, LoZ, Kirby, and Pokemon as my mains. My favorite non-Nintendo games are Team Fortress 2 and The Sims 3.

Art styles: I love cartoon styles that are colorful and not scary. I also love vectors.

My future: I have many ideas about what I want to be; Which are character designer, cartoon-ology (It's a real job!), baker, graphic designer, writer, food critic, or a general chef. However, I fear that most of my choices are dependent on how others perceive my work and that hasn't been so good lately... I want to pick a job that is the most practical and won't lead to a starving artist future.

3DS: 4296-3490-4648

Created word games:

The AAY is a cashier at Walmart
The AAY lets you borrow something of their\'s
Give teh AAY an award
Tektek the AAY as a Mary Sue
React to the AAY with a video clip
The AAY is a Dakimakura
Guess the ABY\'s Favorite Word Game
Post Something that Makes the AAY Smile
What does the AAY say?
Metaforically describe the AAY
You Encounter a Frog
What\'s the AAY\'s Lullaby?
You Aww, you lose
The AAY is an Assist Trophy
Doodle ro Die: WG Edition


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Argentite Report | 10/09/2015 9:00 pm
Good luck with that. Point, though, teambuilding is about 6v6, not just the 1v1 skirmish, though getting Sab out of the way is a big part of beating his teams. You have to form cores that deal with the common cores in Sableye teams, not just one or two wallbreakers meant to bend Sableye over.
There are many perfectly good teams that have at least some contingencies for dealing with the evil gremlin. Some teams with certain Megas have a good matchup against Sableye. Some Mega teams, like ones around Heracross, Pinsir, Metagross, Gallade, and the like, struggle. That's because finding non-Mega answers to Mega Sableye is hard. Specs Sylveon is a free invitation for Tentacruel to start setting up TSpikes. CB Azumarill is similarly exploitable. Lum Chomp is decent but Skarmory laughs at it.
Argentite Report | 10/09/2015 8:42 pm
Torkoal isn't gonna do much of anything to Sableye back. Though Smog, I guess, if you get lucky with poisoning Sableye. I don't know why you had to specify Vital Spirit on Eviolite Magmar (considering that Flame Body could at least get burn hax on Sableye if it turns out to be a Knock Off variant), but... Magmar probably has to get lucky with burn hax on Sableye. Admittedly, Sassy Magmar with 252/252+ HP/SpD can tank many Shadow Balls. Eviolite means no recovery, though, and Knock Off variants might wear Magmar down faster.

Sadly, most mono-Fires are terrible and Magmar and Torkoal aren't exactly the epitome of excellence. At least the other things I listed are useful outside of dealing with Mega Sableye. They might win that one-on-one due to surprise factor but they're a dead teamslot most of the time and easily manhandled by a lot of things that are commonly paired with Sableye like Starmie, Gliscor, Rotom-W, Quagsire, and Slowbro. Some people do take having to use random stuff that bad just to win as a sign that Sableye is not good for the meta at all.
Argentite Report | 10/09/2015 8:01 pm
Haze doesn't have many good users and most of its best users would rather have something else. Viable Clear Smog users I can think of are Amoonguss and tbqh Amoon can't do much of anything to MSab. MSab will just Willo him then stall him out. I mean, yeah, sure, you can force him out by PHazing in general with Dragon Tail but that's a physical move and Sableye burns physical attackers. To be fair, there are many ways to deal with him, mostly using megas like Gardevoir, special attacker Altaria, Diancie, Lopunny, Char X, and things like CB/AV Heracross with Guts (gimmicky and with high opportunity cost) and SpDef Heatran (but if Tran ends up facing a Knock Off variant it's not gonna be good times, and SDef tran doesn't fit on an offensive team). Still, Sableye's presence makes life hell for offensive teams. He can tank hits, remove items (if going for Knock Off + Foul Play) or sweep (CM + Dark Pulse), spread burns, and control hazards all at once. Kinda why I think he's dirty, aside from forcing teams into balance archetypes which Volcarona (a common Sableye partner) then proceeds to wreak havoc all over. I don't really know anymore. lol And I find that Pokémon with gimmicky sets meant to beat Mega Sableye are predictable and easy to wear down with teammates (I learned this the hard way when I used Specs Sylveon on an old team of mine).
Argentite Report | 10/09/2015 7:20 pm
Sadly, I don't think Sniper Kingdra is particularly effective at that. Kingdra has all of 95 base SpA and no super-effective STABs on him. Fishing for crits is not really a sustainable strat and Sniper Kingdra is terrible against non-Sableye teams.
Argentite Report | 10/09/2015 12:22 pm
Nice, nice! I'm just hoping some dude at Smogon got spare codes and is willing to hand them out.

I know it's in OU right now, but I don't think anything stays in OU just because it's 4x weak to something--look at Ho-Oh and Skymin for example, who are 4x weak to Rock and Ice, respectively.
My wonder is whether or not Hoopa-U is excessively bending stall backwards with little opportunity cost by being an absurdly strong non-Mega wallbreaker.
Sableye stall can hold him off to some extent, but idk how non-Sableye stall would. Considering that Sab is pretty controversial himself...
(I honestly want Mega Sableye gone because it normally takes lots of gimmicky/high-cost s**t like LumChomp, Skill Swap Azelf, Specs Sylveon, TauntMGyara or MGarde to beat it but it's probably keeping defensive styles alive. Eh.)
Argentite Report | 10/09/2015 11:38 am
It's okay, Mat. Turns out I also missed a Hoopa distro two months ago or so. That thing will eventually hit American WiFi at some point like Diancie and Shiny Ray did (though I admit I got the diamond fairy like one year ahead of that happening) and I'm willing to wait. Though I am looking for giveaways as contingencies because I know people snagged multiple codes just to give them away. I'd rather have one to keep, but thanks for the offer, and congrats on snagging one. ouo)b

Do you think it will ever be sent to Ubers? Just curious. I doubt it, myself, but Hoopa-U is STRONK.
ferchitocontri Report | 10/02/2015 12:38 am
hahaha lol so you saw the mitic batle of the eagle and the snake .... XD
ferchitocontri Report | 10/02/2015 12:29 am
mmm what happend mat?
ferchitocontri Report | 09/30/2015 11:57 am
mmmm.... a prisioner... smirk..
ferchitocontri Report | 09/26/2015 12:37 am
you know mat.. if you need any kind of help you can always talk with me i will do my best to help you


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