My name is Holly.
I'm 25.
I live in the US. (Ohio)
I have a beautiful 4-year-old son named Ryan. [Special needs; Severe Autism smilies/icon_heart.gif ]
I'm married. [together November 2011, married June 2013].
I'm a mildly-ill pup, but it could always be worse. [Moderate ADHD, Mild OCD, severe PMDD]
I lost my job October 2013. It's a relief, because I was miserable there. And when my son's severity of his autism came into play, I'm thrilled I'm not working.
College - Business major; May go for bachelors for Psychology? Early Childhood Development?
Favorites are in the 'interests' section to your left.

-Extremely forgetful (but not with dates & names)
-Very isolated when hormones hit
-NEVER serious

-Sweet Tea
-Dragonball Z

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York Specter

Report | 03/30/2014 12:05 pm

York Specter

Np ill catch you there some time 3nodding
York Specter

Report | 03/30/2014 8:22 am

York Specter

You still fish? or just not that much?

Report | 03/11/2014 2:29 pm


Thank you your purchase!
Hasta Lemonista

Report | 02/06/2014 10:41 am

Hasta Lemonista

LOL. People just rioting with joy I guess biggrin
Hasta Lemonista

Report | 02/05/2014 2:48 pm

Hasta Lemonista

Actually, I just got back from the Seahawks rally 10 minutes ago, it was rough, people were pushing us, I got seperated from my dad xD
Hasta Lemonista

Report | 01/17/2014 5:21 pm

Hasta Lemonista

LOL use the gold to buy you something good C:
Hasta Lemonista

Report | 01/17/2014 5:15 pm

Hasta Lemonista

No problem, enjoy the gold !
I'm in the room and sadly psycho is afk >.<
Hasta Lemonista

Report | 01/17/2014 4:57 pm

Hasta Lemonista

LOL It always feels good to have items in your shop so you have constant money coming in <3 I'll be in Psycho's room shortly hehehe
Hasta Lemonista

Report | 01/17/2014 4:46 pm

Hasta Lemonista

LOL I can tell you really want that 2oo k XD Still want it? BTW, are you fishing atm?