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I play games. Lots of games. I also watch sports. On occasion. Oh, and I am not girl.

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`Hydro Report | 07/23/2015 6:22 am
That comment on your status, I had to make sure you weren't Hassli because wow xD
`Hydro Report | 07/12/2015 12:56 pm
@staus: yep!
`Hydro Report | 07/04/2015 7:26 pm
I see Barton yellow on you, hee hee.
`Hydro Report | 06/23/2015 2:19 pm
`Hydro Report | 06/23/2015 11:28 am
Headphones and wings are the new barton token, the gun is the splatoon original item, legs are heart of true bartonian, top is golden uniform. And the hat and crazy coat are Standby Advocate which is probably the most affordable item on the avi. The background bubbles are melon pop (alchemy), and the goddess gaia item.
Silver Koneko Report | 06/06/2015 2:46 pm
Jurassic World Rawr!!
6 days until we get our rawr on!!
Accio Alice Report | 06/03/2015 9:50 pm
No, you don't need to! Honestly, I'm not really sure how I'm going to play Aureate right now, but it's fine. Maybe I'll find a way.
Accio Alice Report | 06/03/2015 1:21 pm
Sigh, more so than what Aureate is. The way I make her to be is so bloody humble that it gets overlooked, but I guess that comes with having it as a main characteristic. However, I think you're forgetting the fact that Aureate is always with Ren's OC Marie, which kinda lessens her ability to openly socialise since Marie is the more talkative person and brings that part of Aureate out. One without the other, as Ren and I have agreed upon, is incomplete. Without someone like Marie, Aureate is kinda.. dull. Boring, even, maybe not to you but for me.

And yes, Aureate already knows how to use her power, but she hasn't transformed yet nor does she even know that she could by using the brooch around her neck. She can certainly help teach how to control powers though.
Accio Alice Report | 06/02/2015 8:16 pm
I'm not sure about that, Chef. In the end, she'll just appear like Alice and disappear back to the story I've created for her. I don't even know why Aureate is there for and what kind of significance she'll make in the Senshis. Right now, I'm just really pessimistic about having interacted in the role play and then not really having much to do.
Silver Koneko Report | 05/31/2015 12:29 am
I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend~ heart
I love you to the moon and stars.
I love you to the sun and mars.
Silver Koneko

My awesome girlfriend. <3