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MasturChef, Chef, Cheffie, MC, MC Hammer (jk no one calls me that last one)

I play games. Lots of games. I also watch sports. On occasion. Oh, and I am not girl.

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PSN account: The_SPORTSGUY don't really use this anymore.
XBOX gamertag: SgtTaco15 - Both One and 360. I play Halo, Destiny, World of Tanks, and more!
3DS FC: 1719-3736-6691 (Name: Ari) - Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Fantasy Life, Smash, etc.
NNID: Sgttaco15 - Splatoon, Mario Kart, and maybe Smash.

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Chibi Halo Report | 06/22/2016 2:03 pm
Hey Chef I have five words for you. FOREST WHITAKER IS SAW GERRERA!! They just revealed the names and brief histories of the new characters for Rouge One over on the Entertainment Weekly site and Forest Whitaker isn't someone so new he's Saw Freaking Gerrera of the Onderon Rebels during the Clone Wars and the man who employed an as yet unnamed Lasat mercenary that did battle against a younger Agent Kallus post Lasan incident. I am so having a fan moment here.
Lem Kosmea Report | 06/03/2016 3:36 pm
I know, they're doing it to Trump, they've gotten violent at Hillary rallies...But, when you're a spoiled Millennial and or not actually a citizen, I suppose this SA bullshit is perfectly acceptable. And they're whining about Trump's fascist leanings? Tea pot meet kettle. I can't stand any of them. We need a better choice for president. One who loves democracy, who loves the republic. One who gives us a safer and more secure society. > u >
KaguraSakata Report | 06/03/2016 9:57 am
It's always fun to see what you have laying around in your inventory and you really did do a good job of it., (this makes me want to play with your stuff in the avi builder lol)
KaguraSakata Report | 06/03/2016 7:31 am
Such a pretty look Chef! I had to look twice at the status pic not use to you dressing up like this
KaguraSakata Report | 05/31/2016 5:38 pm
Why else do I toss boxes at you guys I FELT LIKE IT MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! rofl
Lem Kosmea Report | 05/05/2016 6:52 pm
Revenge of the 5th! Also, Yay durk seid.
`Hydro Report | 05/03/2016 6:38 pm
It's already been solved anyway xD
Celestine Ravencroft Report | 04/28/2016 12:35 pm
You may be right about that one Chef. I don't keep a lot of pink, and it was a real pain trying to get shades that meshed well. Leave it to dress up days to force me to use the color I dislike the most. xd
Silver Koneko Report | 04/17/2016 9:09 am
I miss you heart
Chibi Halo Report | 04/06/2016 5:21 pm
I was doing things in between errands yesterday and didn't pay attention to the boxes that were checked. So I really didn't realize I sent it anonymously. Oh and the first teaser for the Rouge One movie will be out tomorrow morning and it looks like the 501st guys will have a new helmet to construct. Star Wars put out a teaser for the teaser today. xp
Silver Koneko

My awesome girlfriend. <3