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This rose is blood red...
Your enemies are black and blue...
They soon may be dead...
Because your guardian is here for you!


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An Explanation of Dragons

I am a Drakon!
We are what you humans call Dragons and we have the ability to change our form to suit our purpose. That purpose could be anything, from just trying to blend in to gathering secret intelligence on our enemies. No one has seen our true form and no one ever will, because if you were to see us as we really are we would be the last thing you would ever see!

Even though there are millions of colors of Dragons in the whole world, there are really only 2 types. The Dragons of the Light (Light Dragons) and the Dragons of the Darkness (Dark or Shadow Dragons). The analogy "2 sides to the same coin" fits us to a tee. One can not exist with out the other and to make things worse both sides hate the other. Whenever the 2 sides meet something bad will always happen, so it is very rare that you will see just 1 alone. But on those rare occasions any 1 of 3 things can happen, all are as disastrous as the other and worse part is that these things usually happen to the young and curious among us.

The first atrocity that might occur would depend on the age of the young one. No Drakon, either Light or Dark, would ever kill any Drakon child in the years of innocence. That being said, if a child of either side is found wondering about by the other, that child would be taken and subsequently placed into servitude. Said child would be aloud to grow and mature, but it's spirit would be so broken that all they knew was how to serve their Master and/or Mistress. They would never know love. They would only know that good behavior gets rewarded, bad behavior gets abuse and continuous bad behavior... Well, let's just say that the slave would never see the light of day again.

The second and third atrocities would depend on the sex of the parties involved after the years of innocence. One way would be if males met males and females met females. Meetings of this type would always end in bloodshed. Sometimes the strongest would be the victor, but at other times the may-lay would end with no victory on either side. Of course there has been the rarest of occasions where 1 party would get away, only to return with reinforcements.

The other side of of these 2 would be if a female of either Light or Dark was found by a male of the other. Sadly, the end result of such a meeting would be the rape of said female. Yes, every female is trained from birth in combat just as males are, however, not all have the physical strength to dispatch their aggressor. If such an atrocity were to take place, it is ingrained into every male that he must then destroy the one he has raped, the reason being is that because of the mutual degree of hatred both sides have for the other, neither side would care for any child produced by said atrocity.

Now, I must let you know that throughout the history of these Dragons NOT 1 of these atrocities has been ignored... until now! I, myself, am the exception to the final atrocity. My mother, a Dark Dragon, was raped and impregnated by my Light Dragon father. He thought he had killed her, but my mother was so cunning that she was able to deceive him. She was able to hold her breath and slow her heart just long enough, that he left her in the woods where he found her. She laid there until nightfall and crawled to where she knew she would be found by her clan.

{I will edit this later and continue}


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