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      Age: 17
      DOB: c. 1235
      Family: Father (Raiden, unknown), mother (Ashiri, deceased), sister (Okaru, unknown)
      Hair: Black
      Eyes: Blue
      Current Occupation: traveler
      Powers: Lightning conductivity, EMF (Electromagnetic Force)
      Skills: Bou staff, up-close hand-to-hand techniques, knowledge of various Buddhist analects and mannerisms
        Hailing from the northern province of Kakarashi, Raiko was born into the royal ruling family headed by Raiden. Under Raiden's tutelage, Raiko has become proficient in the art of boujutsu and hand-to-hand techniques. He is also able to control the magnetic force around certain objects and conduct lightning.

        The province of Kakarashi had a particular demon they were pursuing named Mordei, Lord of the Sakuretsu Horde of Demons. Raiko suffered a loss from Mordei when he ambushed him, his mother and sister, and the guards travelling with them. Mordei killed his mother in cold blood, and Raiko vowed to take revenge on him for her death.

        Years later, an all-out war was launched on Kakarashi by Mordei and his horde. Raiko last remembers a fight between him and Mordei, but does not recall how it ended, nor how he wound up so far away from home. He travels declaring himself a monk all while figuring out how to get back home and defeating any Sakuretsu demon he encounters.


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Hey michael! howya doin? blaugh

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Raiko Shono san! whee

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Hey long time no see. Lol I just came back too xD

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Buying Christmas presents... You need a Wishlist stare ...
Kara Tails

Report | 03/12/2013 9:30 am

Kara Tails

FINALS *flains and whines*
Other than that I am fine. Getting back into the Inuyasha series, slowly, but focusing more of my attntion on the demon wolrd aspect of the show Yu Yu Hakusho. It is certainly an interesting place.
Also have been RPing, and drawing more

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gaia_nitemareleft means i been off and on for the last few months and have yet to get a hi from u >.>
i be alright... tired though... gaia_nitemareright

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smuck -.-
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Sig: YES. Coke is too acrid and didn't teach the world to sing at all. Yay for Dr. Pepper!

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your back was turned, and it looked so good crying

at least we're even emotion_omnomnom yum_cupcake

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take it. cause i got your cake. talk2hand


SO this is what happens when I go on Hiatus... jeez Gaia,
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