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AnimeBlessings Report | 07/18/2014 5:51 pm
Thanks for the friend request
Xevoss Report | 07/10/2014 4:02 am
Well as it appears, I found a message from you from like 2010 or 2011 in my inbox so it turns out we did a lot of talking. And texting! Apparently, interesting.
TLora Report | 06/18/2014 11:22 am

Hey smile I'm looking to buy Cache in the bulk. Would you be willing to trade? I can offer 4,000 per cache and would take however many you have on your hands. If interested please PM me back, thanks.
CaffeinatedKink Report | 06/10/2014 6:14 pm
You don't have to thank me. I like buying you things. It's fun. Especially since it doesn't creep you out that I get you gore-esque stuff. Yeah, the next piece will be awesome. I know you;ll enjoy it.
CaffeinatedKink Report | 06/05/2014 6:22 pm
Oh my glob! I emotion_bigheart you soooooo much!!! I'm glad you loved the drawing. I was thinking we could do a comic with the story idea you gave me. Anywho, just thought I'd say hi. emotion_bigheart emotion_zombie emotion_bigheart *kiss*
Tsunlock Report | 06/04/2014 6:53 pm
I did read a rather neat manga thing with an adorable zombie girl.
I'd have given her cuddles. >w<
Tsunlock Report | 06/04/2014 6:47 pm
There's just something that flicks the 'Primal Terror' switch in my head when it comes to parasites / terrible diseases / mutilation.
Though I've also seen one or two zombies that I thought were cute. Mostly the not-rotting-to-bits somebody's-OC kind.
Tsunlock Report | 06/04/2014 6:40 pm
I don't deal well with any form of 'Body Horror' mostly.
It just creeps the hell out of me. 3nodding
Tsunlock Report | 06/04/2014 6:34 pm
I've never been good at dealing with zombie shows.
Most of them scare me. ;_;
Xevoss Report | 08/15/2011 3:14 pm
It may be cold but remember, they're the Undead. They're already cold and it doesn't effect the death. ;P Also, Canada is part of North America, so I assumed after the Battle of New York, which is a battle in the book, Canada would get owned.


You carried romance in the palm of your hand
You called the plays for us
You clung to self restraint, you followed the plan
You put the brakes on this

And it drove me
And it drove me
And it drove me wild
CaffeinatedKink is my soulmate from hell. <3

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Well, how do you do? My name is MasochisticTreat, although, I may or may not be just as good to eat. I'm a twenty-something year old from the United States and I just recently came back to my profile here on Gaia after a long time. Can't say I missed it. Things have changed quite a bit though.

Anyways, I don't know how many of you on my profile remember me but I aim to make new friends and rekindle old friendships.

What am I into? I like anime, manga, movies, superheroes, comics, and all kinds of walks of life. My favorite anime is Serial Experiments Lain. I'm really into the manga series, "Sankarea". Zombies have never been so sexy and romantic. That said, I also love The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. Then, for movies, my favorite is Let Me In. I kind of have a horror thing/obsession. My favorite superhero is actually a whole team and that is The Runaways and that is also my favorite comic series.

So, as you can see, there is a pattern to me and therefore, I'm not hard to figure out how to please.

Lastly, I'm in a Gaia relationship with someone already. Her name is CaffeinatedKink (I purposely made my name go with hers. ^_^) a.k.a Jynxee so I would prefer that if you like me we just be friends.

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