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♪♫ Ⓜⓐⓡⓥⓔⓛⓗⓞⓛⓘⓒ' ⓢ ♫♪

Artsu by rizumary ! Such an ADORABLE ARTSU !! Love Love Love !!

It's your SUPERDUPER FREUND marvelholic !!!
( The TALK-ACTIVE Girl who cant stop talking, laughing, and dancey around~ )

So, let me introduce my self. My Name is Bilqis Naufal. Gamers, Artist, and Pastry Chef. I am a friendly warm girl, Talk-active, and always Cheer up ! Oh yeah... SO HYPERACTIVE ! *wohooooo! *woot woot. I hope we can be best friend, deal? I am ** year's old. I am a Half Breed ( Human-Angels-Comedian ( LOL) ). I have Black long hair and brown hazel Eyes. I love drawing , cooking , baking, adventuring, and singing. Call me Marvie, Marvel, Marv, Vel, or whatever you like.
Proud to be Indonesian - Asian!

That's me! Thanks Savan for the Cutest Pixel Ever!

( That's me and my Tweenie Aya! Thanks Aya for the Most Awdorable Pixel Ever! ❤ )

Artsu by me ! Twinnies time with Chamomile Tea!!

Thank you Chamomile Tea!! warkop army!! Love all of you guys so much !

Thank you Chamomile Tea!! Best Present Everrrrr! Love you so much <3

Thank you Aieleron!! Love the style so muuuuuuch! OMG OMG!

Cute Artsu from my Best Buddy Aieleron~ <3

Me, Aieleron, and Chamomile Tea! OMGOMGOMG ! Thanks Ai ~ <3

I ❤ Art ~

Click the image to directly go to my Art Shop !

Keep in touch, eh?

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marvelholic / @marvelholic / marvelholicious

Precious Moment <3

Girls time, niqqa! :'>

Pinky sister! *wootwoot !

My SMEWSOME Best freund~ AYA !

My Butt-leh, duh! !

My Daikun-Sisters ~

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VH meet up! :'>

Awesome Partner !

Demonic Manami and Blushy Mpin ~ :'>


My Lovely Artist..

Kelly a.k.a Prince Teukie
Ah Kelly always Accept my Art request. Even if she's busy! <3

Thanks for Stalking me! <3
Love you guys so much ~