Hey there, I'm Marjolein from the Netherlands, that's not easy to pronounce I know so Maru will do in order to prevent internal damage on your part.
I originally joined Gaia out of boredom but I've grown to like it here.

I enjoy talking to interesting people so young and energetic, midlife crisis or already a bit dated, feel free to chat with me any time given.
Really, mental age is what it is all about after all.
Experience and wisdom may come by the years but there are no standards to measure such things by.
Just wanted to get that straight.

I'm not an emo, goth, punk or anything else but myself and I don't need a label either, however, I have no problem with people who do.
To give you an idea of who I actually think I am, continue reading through the info down below. ;3

Hmm things I enjoy:
Drawing, art, reading books and manga ,dreaming, steampunk, watching anime occasionally, fairy tales, mythes and folklore, computers and most of what comes with it, gaming, martial arts and volleyball, poetry, writing, music, Asian culture, languages, deviant fashion. Serious or completely random conversations anything goes. Traveling not tourism. And I don't mind a good grudge free discussion either ^_~

Things I Dislike:
Stuff like "spongebob". Close minded people, ignorant judgment based on age gender or style. Racism, discrimination and I hope you're sane enough to fill in the rest yourself.

The things that currently keep me busy are improving my English, practicing realistic drawing and my work as an IT student in the fields of Application Development and Information Management.
I'm a deviantArt member so I'll just take this as a chance for some shameless advertising, feel free to visit at the link given below


As well as an IMVU member


Well that's all I can come up with for now
Thanks for your visit :3 , have a nice day and sayonara~

Linking to my quest soon!
For those who may wonder where my thanks towards benefactors has gone :3


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Long time! gonk

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Happy B-day

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Happy Holidays! heart 3nodding *hug*

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miss u

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question idea arrow ninja question

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Hello, Im cordially inviting you to participate in the anual pageant Miss Gaia Universe 2010, im inviting you because ive seen potential in your avatar, and i would be granted if you acept this invitation. For this competition you must choose a country, that youll be representing during the competition, this competition has 5 stages
1. National Costume Competition (all the contestants)
2. Casual Formal Competition (TOP 25)
3. Swimsuit Competition (TOP 20)
4, Evening Gown Competition (TOP 15)
5. Final Question (TOP 7 FINALISTS)
I will explain better each stage of the pageant when the time arrives, NO TEK TEKS aloud smile heart
good luck and thanks for your time, if you are interested please post on my profile and ask if the country you are willing to represent is available Thank you heart
Exotic Tea

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Exotic Tea

How are you!???

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hello (:
i love your avi!
just so you know ^^