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Yukiko Kaburagi's avatar

Report | 06/12/2014 9:58 pm

Yukiko Kaburagi

Awsome avatar! heart
Alocrescent's avatar

Report | 06/05/2014 10:13 pm


No problem you sexy merman you~
C h i k a r i B e a n 's avatar

Report | 05/28/2014 8:44 pm

C h i k a r i B e a n

Cool avi and "About" section
Also, big ups for using a Pearls Before Swine comic 3nodding
Dexigone's avatar

Report | 05/17/2014 7:30 am


Nice avatar
Slainne's avatar

Report | 04/09/2014 11:29 pm


I honestly have no idea. I saw it on someone else's avatar, but remembered seeing a yellow version, which is the other siren item. The yellow they use in that one's just way too bright, but the shape was really nice. I bought it immediately when I saw it elsewhere in blue.
village midget's avatar

Report | 03/24/2014 6:21 am

village midget

Thank you emotion_awesome I can't remember where I got it, which probably means somewhere arb like Tumblr blaugh
Satan Tank's avatar

Report | 03/16/2014 3:05 pm

Satan Tank

lemme know about purrl on your gfaqs cause i kinda need to go soon
Javier Cross's avatar

Report | 02/04/2014 8:17 pm

Javier Cross

How often do you go on Tumblr, Marshmallow?
We need to talk even if its just in PMs, okay?
Kunariel's avatar

Report | 01/26/2014 8:33 pm


Hi sorry to leave a comment but my phone won't let me sumbit a quote or pm!
Not sure if you're online atm, but my fc is 5000-2571-5032
I guess just send me a pm or quote me, I get emails for those so I'll see it!
Slick Southpaw's avatar

Report | 11/15/2013 5:43 pm

Slick Southpaw


a hhhhhhhh so cuuuuuteeee whee
ATh e a r t's avatar

Report | 10/30/2013 8:00 pm

ATh e a r t

Totally understandable xD I think my pair was... 1.8k gems? LOL.
ATh e a r t's avatar

Report | 10/30/2013 3:25 pm

ATh e a r t

Haha xD I finally paid attention and joined the most recent opening. And yes they are 8D I caved and spent real money for the white one xD then bought the jade one after o3o
ATh e a r t's avatar

Report | 10/30/2013 1:59 pm

ATh e a r t

I just started FR x3
Javier Cross's avatar

Report | 10/24/2013 10:29 pm

Javier Cross

So how have you been, Creampie?
I intend to start an All Hallows' Eve Ball if you don't mind, and yes, MistyMary24 is one of the sponsors.
Javier Cross's avatar

Report | 10/20/2013 7:52 pm

Javier Cross

I just want you to know we can hang out at any time.
Also if you do decide to leave, I hope we can stay in touch at all times.
Javier Cross's avatar

Report | 10/20/2013 12:14 pm

Javier Cross

I'll still be here on gaia, Creampie.
You are not alone.
Cecilia Davidson's avatar

Report | 10/15/2013 7:01 pm

Cecilia Davidson

i'm good- still trying to get the Harmonious theme passed.
Cecilia Davidson's avatar

Report | 10/15/2013 6:54 pm

Cecilia Davidson

i've got my attention divided since pokemon.
Javier Cross's avatar

Report | 09/27/2013 10:27 am

Javier Cross

I don't mind that First Class actually has a cast that's closer to the Ultimate X-Men Comics than the 616 Comics.
I might mind that I don't know whether or not Movie!-Havoc lives long enough to encounter Movie!-Cyclops or the like, but overall I don't mind this take on the First Class.
I admit I find it interesting with how Movie!-Professor X wounded up getting crippled, also rather sad and depressing.

Movie!-Professor X's Crippling, while definitely closer to his Ultimate!-Counterpart's crippling for being directly at the hands of Magneto, is actually a lot less deliberate on Movie!-Mags' part in contrast with Mags' Ultimate!-verse self actually.
Javier Cross's avatar

Report | 09/27/2013 10:05 am

Javier Cross

Here's hoping the movie will be worthwhile, I don't need to get across as a broken record on how I don't mind if the movies are not entirely like the 616 or Ultimate-verse X-men Comics,
As long as there's cause for contentment.
More worthwhile interaction to go with than just Professor X and Mags(and to a lesser extent Cyclops and Wolverine) would be nice, like Cyclops and Havok in free interactions or something?
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