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Hello and welcome to Profil de marionetteer.

I am your host Michael. On some serious notes, I am a typical person which is what I think of myself. I do not have the wow factor unless it is initiated. I am in reality a serious person when I need to be. My philosophy in life is to make each day as productive as you can make it. I love to read when possible, but I am bound to be busy the majority of the time. I am about 6”0 and I know people, you all must have thought I was short and evil while walking around with an evil grin. Now thinking of it, that is pretty funny.
I try to be very active which I am and why I sometimes feel like I can run like the flash, one day I will accomplish that (in my dreams). Sports range from soccer to basketball. I take up running from distances of 1 to 5 miles depending on my schedule. I draw,but not as much as I would like to, which is something that has been one of my hobbies for awhile now. I am not to the point where I can confidently say I am “good” at it because when talking about art, there is always room for improvements. I play instruments and no not the triangle. When a busy day comes to an end, I pull out my violin and play it as a was to sooth my mind just to make me feel relaxed. I sort of broke my current violin due to some circumstances that I wish not to speak of. Soon I shall buy a new one. I play some electric guitar. I like to write as well so cheers for that. Poems are always a thing I like to write as well as haiku's. My goals in life are never ending because I am someone who is never satisfied with only an average accomplishment . Breaking barriers and surprising others of what I am capable of doing is always a motivation. I speak more than one language and want to learn to speak even more as time passes. Music is life as we all know it. People consider me some sort of geeky or nerd which I am fine with. It’s only until you talk to me that you see that side of me. If you just look at me, I don’t really look like one (Puts on glasses)…. Maybe a little.

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We Dine in Hell Report | 06/10/2016 11:22 pm
We Dine in Hell
This man has a kind soul smile *salutes
ichigokazuki Report | 06/07/2016 10:14 am
Always, I'm on kijiji and other websites and signed up with those employment solutions places. I am moving back home for the time being at the end of the month to save money faster.
But I am content with life so far. lol It could be worse.
ichigokazuki Report | 06/03/2016 2:32 pm
Well I am trying, persistent is key I hear! ninja
ichigokazuki Report | 06/01/2016 12:56 pm
Awww thanks! biggrin
Now job hunting for a better one is hard. gonk
ichigokazuki Report | 05/30/2016 7:23 pm
How have you been? whee
ichigokazuki Report | 05/30/2016 7:04 pm
Dibella Mara Report | 05/18/2016 10:47 pm
Dibella Mara
*kidnaps you* c:
Sailor Nimbu Report | 05/06/2016 8:19 pm
Sailor Nimbu
Don't flip a table. ;-;
Dibella Mara Report | 04/28/2016 11:34 pm
Dibella Mara
9 more days, omfg cx
I'm so excited to see you.
I love you handsome, sweet dreams. <3
ll Phase ll Report | 04/27/2016 9:43 pm
ll Phase ll
so like. whassup?

I see you

Lucifer Boner on 09/25/2016
Dibella Mara