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WesternAngel Report | 08/30/2014 9:49 pm
hello babbeh :p its been awhile since I've talked to you my friend whats up? smile
Anamosa Valentine Report | 08/19/2014 11:16 am
Anamosa Valentine
Hey, don't call my Falcon "sweetie"! I'm the only one who calls him that! :big vein:

On bright side, thank you for taking care of him back in zOMG. I heard you lost a bet to him. ^.~
Falcon Starlight Report | 08/19/2014 10:55 am
Falcon Starlight
Whoa, that's a cool avatar! =D (except I don't like smoking wink )

I thought you quit Gaia since I haven't heard from you for ages, so I thought to say goodbye 3nodding
Falcon Starlight Report | 08/10/2014 7:56 am
Falcon Starlight
I'm sad. Bye bye Mari! =[
Spooky Owl Report | 07/25/2014 10:31 pm
Spooky Owl
Yes, living in ecuador
My english y so bad and sorry ^^
Spooky Owl Report | 07/25/2014 10:25 pm
Spooky Owl
Im from ecuador. ^^
Spooky Owl Report | 07/25/2014 10:19 pm
Spooky Owl
You profile is awesome
┬┐Where are you from? ^^
Spooky Owl Report | 07/25/2014 10:16 pm
Spooky Owl
Hello ~
Richard Craven Report | 07/15/2014 3:13 pm
Richard Craven
lmao, there you go. The thing is, you need to fix the columns. Make another column with like let's say Media and Comments and then I'll fix that code up for you. It'll make it less of a chore to scroll on your profile that way.
Richard Craven Report | 07/12/2014 5:22 pm
Richard Craven
heart Ah, send me two colors you like ( preferably matching) and I'll send you the code.


"All this time, I've lived in hope of telling you how sorry I am,
I've fought armies, just to have this chance, but now, there's nothing I can say that's good enough."

Wish List



Hello. Welcome to my profile. You can just leave now cause I'm going to be boring with my words.
I am currently cosplaying:
My last cosplay: Princess Zelda

-I am already taken. Joshua Stellar is his name. ( Just making sure it gets into your head, all of you testosterone driven men. )
-I've been with Gaia for about 5 years.
-I can dance and draw
-I don't like the word "inappropriate"
-I like all original NES games and MC.
-I lose weight from all the tears I cry when watching anime.
-I love baking.
-Spirited Away is my favorite movie.
-I don't have much to say.

Did you get all that? Good job.


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