Haru wo Daiteita and
Mother's Spirit is my fav series.
I draw and code profiles for fun.
Space is something.


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One_who_is_Sent Report | 09/26/2016 4:09 pm
I actually used to do that too, back in elementary. Good times. Never shot anyone there though.
The Thaumaturge Report | 09/25/2016 11:50 pm
So many tantintons. gonk

If you really don't use it then maybe it's better I don't add ya on it. Hopefully we meet some time on League itself. 3nodding
The Thaumaturge Report | 09/25/2016 7:04 pm
You should tell me your steam name anyway. I'd still like to add you. biggrin

And I added you on lol although I'm currently on a lol hiatus. xp
lemonshurmin Report | 09/25/2016 10:33 am
Thank you very much. My profile layout is by kutCHARA. smile
The Thaumaturge Report | 09/25/2016 9:23 am
I league of legends every once in a while. Too infrequent to count.

And that reminds me of how I abandoned my animal crossing town years ago on the ds. biggrin

ooh bby. blaugh

I spend all my time on steam playing games by myself and with friends when i can. 3nodding

Sounds like you're spending your time well. dramallama
The Thaumaturge Report | 09/25/2016 7:53 am
No. Sadly I don't have a tumblr. I wouldn't know what to do with it. sweatdrop

So what do you do for fun now that zOMG! is gone?
The Thaumaturge Report | 09/25/2016 6:35 am
If it's nostalgia you want, you should try out some of the flash games I did make. biggrin
The Thaumaturge Report | 09/25/2016 3:48 am
Thanks! I see you're a profile maker. Then maybe you've heard of lady Saxophone? She coded my profile. biggrin
One_who_is_Sent Report | 09/21/2016 10:17 am
natsumi_bianca Report | 09/21/2016 9:26 am
your avi is...Divine !!!! 3nodding

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