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Random Life Talking Thing

Usually talking here about things that bother me, what I want to cook, perhaps about my current writing projects, etc.



I am a boy.
I am a f*cking Disney Princess.
I am not a pansy.
I am Korean and Japanese.
I love Japanese street fashion.
I love Japanese rock.
I love cake.
I love cats.
And I love you <3

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"Killing: an act of love so sweet your body falls victim to such an ecstasy the staccato of the heart bursts your very soul and you perish into the stars above like so many unfortunates who have met the one called demon.

Beau, Violette, Diana, Josephine, and Saya are demons who snatch the lives of the living to live themselves. Killing, loving. But what is to kill as is to love? What is a human, what is a demon, what is an angel, or even to live?

A journey through human history from Ancient Asia to the Roman Empire to Victorian England to Bohemian Paris to modern Japan and much more, the demons tell their stories as like to a lover's ear. "

Music Top Ten
(in no particular order)
Currently on loop: "Gymnopedie No.3" - Composed by Erik Satie and Orchestrated by Debussy

1. Marionette - Kaya
2. Ai wa Kirameki no Naka ni (acoustic vers.) - Lycaon
3. Blaze - (And) & Eccentric Agent
4. Crisis Moment - Merry
5. Ancient Rain - Screw
6. Yamato Nadeshiko - Paradeis
7. Laika (feat. Uka) - Cellzcellar
8. Black Butterfly - A(ACE - Anonymous Confederate Ensemble)
9. Emily - Mejibray
10. Utsukushisa wa Tsumi - Velvet Eden

Art of my avatar:

Art by Sukeban-Kure!


.I am a boy.

~Wattpad Demon Stories~

smilies/icon_heart.gif!Questing ALL Itty Bitty Kitties! smilies/icon_heart.gif
And kitties like them.


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~ Teh CartoonHero ~ Report | 12/11/2013 3:52 pm
~ Teh CartoonHero ~
Thanks you! ^_^
~ Teh CartoonHero ~ Report | 12/11/2013 1:47 pm
~ Teh CartoonHero ~
Please come to my profile and vote for me in a contest I'm in. whee
Help a fellow Lolita! heart
Chartreusethewaterdemon Report | 12/01/2013 10:34 pm
*oggles all the pretty ladies in the portraits*

This is one pretty and classy profile ya got here.
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 12/01/2013 11:04 am
Nitemare Nymphetamine
New avi is wonderful emotion_kirakira
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 11/22/2013 11:53 pm
Nitemare Nymphetamine
Thank you Mari! heart
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 11/21/2013 10:56 pm
Nitemare Nymphetamine
I love the story your avi tells. Keep up the good work.
The Great Jay Catsby Report | 10/26/2013 11:37 am
The Great Jay Catsby
Which Disney princess are you?
Transylveining Report | 10/19/2013 1:30 pm
There was one specific story that made me tear up, but I can't remember which by the title. I will reread them, and get back to you on it asap!
Transylveining Report | 10/19/2013 1:08 pm
Well, thank you for writing such wonderful and entertaining stories. c:
Transylveining Report | 10/19/2013 12:57 pm
Reeeeeally? owo But your stories are so awesome, and lots of people on Wattpad have read them! heart