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So, where do I start?

I'm taken for starters. Citten13;
Most gorgeous
Best singer
Most loving woman out there.
No one can ask for more. I could be dirt poor, with Citten i wouldn't need anything else, she's wonderful. Even though I'm hard to handle at times she sticks with me. She's just, there's not word to describe her. I wouldn't trade her for anything... I love her so damn much i'd do anything and everything for her. She's my goddess, my princess, my everything... She's the longest relationship I've had, and I'm not letting her go, no matter what. I'm a beast that only her beauty can tame. She's the goddesses Artemis and Aphrodite in one with the wisdom of Athena. A Kindness all of her own, a voice soft like a warm summer's breeze, a temper as cold as the arctic chill, eyes that can hold a stare. She who can capture any man, chose me. One of the unlucky men of the world. My baby girl, my sweet little kitty, my goddess. The gods smiled and the angels sang when she was born.

I suppose, I must say i'm completely insane. I guess that's the first thing I have to tell ya'll if you want to get to know me at all. I am 18, still in High School. (Of course.) I'm in ROTC, I enjoy it very much and hope to excel in it. I have a strong respect for all the Military branche's. I don't favor any of them. They all do the same thing, protect our country.

I love the color's black and Gold. I've been on this game since I was 11 or 12 I believe. I could never really stay with the game very much. I would go on and off it a few time's.

I enjoy art and movie's, I draw pretty well, I suppose. I get told I do, don't believe many people. I have many favorite movie's, so don't ask me what my favorite one is. Same for music, I like all kind's, so same answer to the movie's.

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