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Birthday: 02/22


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Class Schedule

1. Dead Languages II
2. Advanced Mad Science
3. Lunch
4. Home Ick
5. Boosic
6. Growlgebra
7. World Hiss-tory
8. Phys Dead


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Marceline LaGhede's Journal

Don't read, else I'll personally escort you to the afterlife!


About Marceline... y'all can call me Marcie for short if you want!

Age: 116

Monster Parents:
Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte, loa of the dead.

Killer Style: I'm no ghouly-ghoul, but I dress like every day is the most special occasion! I love tailored cuts and silky satins, and you better believe I never set foot out my mausoleum without my top hat and cane!

Freaky Flaw: I have a pretty bad case of social fangxiety, which makes it hard for me to make new ghoulfriends... Also it makes me come off like a hoity-toity mean ghoul, and I'm not like that! 'nother thing is I'm frightfully bad with technology... These things just don't wanna work for me!

Pet: My buddy Philippe is a Caiman... he believes he's a gator though, and acts ten times his size!

Favorite Activity: I've been playing aggoredion for most of my unlife... it's an old-fashioned instruhhhment, but I love it. I also love carnivals, and I'm starting to get into phot-ogre-phy as a hobby!

Biggest Pet Peeve: Gosh, not much ruffles my feathers... but don't ever steal my hat.

Favorite School Subject: It's a tie between Home Ick and Mad Science... I just love to cook up something interesting!

Least Favorite School Subject: Dead Languages... I speak the language of the dead, so I don't know why I gotta learn up on it!

Favorite Color: Oh gosh, don't make me choose! I love green, purple and yellow all equally!

Favorite Food: Gimme Maman's homecooked jambalaya and Papa-Baron's beignets and I'm a happy ghoul!

BFF's: Operetta, Dashner Hawke, Draconia St. George, Anne-Arctica, Casey Fossor, Dieanna Taylor



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merabell3 Report | 08/01/2016 8:07 pm
* LI barks happily and comes to you*
K-poplover44 Report | 04/01/2016 5:39 pm
thxs for buying heart
Dashner Hawke Report | 03/10/2015 5:46 pm
Dashner Hawke
[Dashner Hawke posted to your timeline.]
Hey, Marcie. I hope you're okay. I haven't seen you around much. Meet me somewhere so we can talk, okay?
merabell3 Report | 06/23/2014 10:51 am
Hi Marceline smile
merabell3 Report | 11/06/2013 6:26 am
Happy booday Marceline smile
Rose Scissors Report | 10/08/2013 2:50 pm
Rose Scissors
Marcie, please tell me that you'll NEVER join the circus.
Dashner Hawke Report | 08/12/2013 6:04 am
Dashner Hawke
[text] Okay, Marcie. [/text]
Dashner Hawke Report | 07/16/2013 6:55 am
Dashner Hawke
[text] Marcie, you busy? I was wondering if my beasties could all go eat dinner before school starts. [text]
Dashner Hawke Report | 07/01/2013 4:56 pm
Dashner Hawke
... eek Should we watch it?
Dashner Hawke Report | 06/26/2013 4:00 pm
Dashner Hawke
[text] Er.... Something... [text]


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