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This is XxWaltz_of_DeathxX and pinay-angel-hottie_kyla.... I GOT HACKED. sad Meh, but it was quite a long time ago so I've moved on XD

I was Meiko Waltz & changed my user to this. c: It's Gfriend's song lmao

I wanna be the very best that no one ever was | Fighting evil by moonlight | Eating food by daylight | OnKey | ChanBaek | Long list of baes | SU | GOT | Cool stuff | Lizstomaniac

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My ultimate bias(though I have a long bias list lol) is none other than Onew & yes Key too of SHINee
I'm a multifandom too with other groups like f(x), Nine Muses, BTS, VIXX, Girl's Day, CNBLUE, EXO and more c:

Connect with me through my active accounts in other sites:
TwitterI'm there every one in a while, which is quite frequent actually.
Tumblr Yeah.
Asianfanfics :T Oh well.

I have kik, Snapchat, LINE and KKT with my username as: meikowaltz

My ig: sweetsecretplisetsky

FC: 3153-8509-5227(X/OR/M)

My donators lis and artworkt are in my journal update. heart

Profile is still under construction. I think


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Literally about anything from donators to probably ramblings.


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Karmozijn Report | 10/21/2017 11:19 pm
That's just what it is!!
Oh no, procrastination is evil sometimes, never helps us but when we stop and focus then we are suddenly in a rush for procrastinating.
Oh god yes they were good!
Karmozijn Report | 10/21/2017 10:59 pm
THE UNKNOWN User Image !! I'm only playing, I'm just a cook/caretaker at the moment. ^^
Tried and made buttered shrimp, buttered garlic shrimp, butter shrimp with herb. User ImageUser Image
Karmozijn Report | 10/21/2017 10:23 pm
Oh shoot, I didn't even remember I missed out on the reply!
It's okay I know people get busy and you are person.. maybe.. or secret ninja zombie.. I don't know the truth yet.
Hells to the yeah shrimp is so easy to cook with as well once you have it down.
Karmozijn Report | 10/18/2017 9:28 am
As of this moment.. I’m getting ready to go out for some bowling and then maybe when I get home I’ll be cooking something fairly interesting that I get from the store, I’ve been craving shrimp recently so that’s the current plan on the agenda. What of yourself new frando?
Karmozijn Report | 10/18/2017 9:06 am
Ohaithere :>
Kang Gary Report | 09/07/2017 10:25 am
Kang Gary
Yeah. I miss Gary too. TT
Somin and Se Chan are fun, but they can't never replace Gaelly.
I wonder what happen to him now. :

P/S: Sorry for the late reply.
Hamdesal Report | 05/01/2016 5:23 am
/years later, I spent it with you xd
Thank youuuuuuuu heart
Kang Gary Report | 01/21/2016 2:25 am
Kang Gary
You're always invisible. How do you do that? xD
iiUndeux Report | 01/19/2016 12:00 pm
ok <3
sleep sweet cutie paiiiiiiiii
iiUndeux Report | 01/19/2016 11:45 am
oh right, gabi na dyan pala.
go sleep if you need to. xD


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ig: sweetsecretplisetsky
meikowaltz on snapchat, kik & tumblr
FC: 3153-8509-5227(X/OR/Moon/Animal Crossing)
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