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[]Player[] :: Manliest of Faces

[]Name[] :: Rae. Will also go by Above Above-beast.

[]Age[] :: 19.

[]Height[] :: Seven feet and an inch.

[]Weight[] :: 285 pounds, disregarding any weaponry.

[]Race[] :: Purebred Human, minus a small bit of demonic taint.

[]Appearance[] :: Just the one giant she is.

Character Appearance :: An amazonian in everything but origin in the Amazons, sporting a deep full body tan, impressive musculature that constantly made its presence known, and the constant smell of either sweat, blood, or pure testosterone. Yes, testosterone. Her masculine build ain't just for show; she puts the 'man' in woman. If she doesn't speak up and is a fair distance away, you could easily mistake her for a giant, rather than a giantess. She couldn't look pretty if she tried, not that she would ever want to. She reveled in her masculinity, treating it as a badge of honor.

On top of Rae's perfect tan lie several imperfections, each with stories to tell. Those three vertical scars on her left eye? Life's lesson to her that koalas are vicious little bastards and not to trust anything by appearance, a remnant of her foolish youth. The smaller nicks across her back? Ninjas are wily little bastards, though they break pretty easy. Those marks on her arms? Symbols of honor, driven into her skin with the blood of a demonic croc-man that had robbed children from her people for years. On her right forearm are two meshing jagged lines, representing the fangs of the demon in question. On her left lie three vertical lines and a horizontal one blocking them off, a sign meaning "above." Above the demon.

The rest of her being is relatively unremarkable, though. Up top are a rat's nest excuse for black hair, reaching about the neck, and hazel eyes that seem perpetually bloodshot, coupled with slightly chipped teeth below that had a notable coat of plaque. On the other hand, her finger and toenails are surprisingly clean and trimmed, likely because long nails can be a serious hazard/nuisance. On her chest, bulged out from her abs and pecs, sits a simple black muscle shirt, devoid of any images or whatnot. Lower below, some rather loose jeans held up by a studded, black leather belt keep her legs well obscured, at least in a standing position. Simple, casual, comfortable. Just how she likes it. Not the best attire for mountain expeditions though.

[]History/Personality[] :: Rae was not always Rae, once a title-less tribeswoman on a segregated area of land on the outback, all its occupants completely oblivious to the outside world and how it had evolved past their millenia of tradition. But to them, this simple life was a good life, and the only life to their knowledge. During the day, the men would risk their lives for a fresh pound of meat to feed their spouse, themselves, and possibly children. The women would use skins and other materials the men brought home to create goods of their own, prepare the meals for their providing spouse, and care for the little ones. The brats would interact with each other and study their elders intently to fulfill their future roles. It was a classic, simple, and unargued existence that sat well for too long to remember.

And then Rae was born. Her mother was well-known for creating quality garments, and her father was an amazing hunter, reportedly never losing prey once in his lifetime. She was expected to become a great clothier like her mother and bear perceptive sons like her father. Instead, a problem child came to be; she didn't take to the jobs commonly assigned to the females of her people, instead wanting to go out and rough house with other boys and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. No matter how hard her expected role was drilled into her head, she wanted nothing of it. She was eventually deemed a lost cause, given the shameful title of simply 'Below' (an inverse of her current 'Above' symbol), and left to her own devices. What was supposed to forever subdue her though, ended up being the driving force behind her. To counter the mocking day in, day out, she sought to prove that she was not below any. And boy did she prove it.

On a day like any other, a large reptilian beast that walked like a man approached the village like he did every now and again, looking for children to kidnap. No one quite knew what he did with them. Maybe he ate them, maybe he forced them into slave labor. Whatever the case, it was about time he made his rounds. While the gator man collected his dues, Below appeared from the blue to make sure these were the last rounds he'd make among her kind, grabbing onto his throat from behind and violently tearing it into oblivion with a shiv she carved herself from a local tree with a claw she found lying on the ground. That same shiv still sits pretty in her spacious housing to this day, a testament to the nobody with nothing to lose who outdid even the greatest huntsmen who foolishly attacked the beast head on. This service to her people earned her more respect than you could imagine, even securing her the rights to manhood she...he had exhibited being more fitting much long ago, given the new title "Above Above-beast" and the matching markings, and even allowed two spouses to tend to him. Life was fantastic for all concerned, even the local wildlife who were no longer prey to the beast.

Until the reservation was breached. The aborigine tribe may have been completely unaware to the world around them, but the world around them was very interested in the tribe. With the demonic reptile gone, researchers piled in to replace it. They were harmless at first, observing from afar and occasionally piloting a chopper over the site for a bird's eye view. This live-and-let-live relation didn't last long however, as the whitecoats charged in to capture tribals for their own means, completely disregarding the ordinance in place: acclimating "sub-human beasts," as they called them, into modern culture. The men of science won in the end, but not without their own casualties; the Above would not take their family being taken away very kindly. Blood was shed on their fancy white coats, at least four being taken down permanently before most of the men went down...most, anyway. Above Above-beast had taken it upon himself to guard the women from these malicious beings and their longed ranged poison. They lasted a full day, the women watching for intruders from under the tarps and AAB striking down those who dare harm his people. It had to end at some point though, and eventually he and the women were flushed out with gas... then subsequently tranqued.

The men of science thought they had won out, assured in their superior technology and intelligence. This same cockiness became their quick downfall however, as the adaptive men of the tribe soon broke out from their plexiglass prisons, followed by the violent maiming of their captors, then followed by the merciless headshotting of the tribal men. All but Above above-beast, who, after taking five tranquilizer darts, had been pronounced legally dead and sent to the morgue for incineration. The women were taken to a separate site for renewed testing, and the previous was shut down and forgotten since no one could stand the horrid stenches inside. The experiment was a success on the women, who were given new identities and sent into society to lead, as the researchers called it, "a better life."

All except one, who had been left in the morgue. The area was abandoned before the body of the tribe's pride could be cremated, and it turned out he wasn't fully dead... albeit, his brain patterns and heartbeat were pulled down so low he sure looked the part. Upon awaking, the last of the Above found himself to be just that, surrounded by death and darkness. At first he feared he had died himself, but was relieved to feel his heart beat again in fear. He was alone, but alive. With that lonesomeness came boredom, and from that boredom came a plug to fill it; the following two years he spent on that forsaken site, researching those who destroyed his people and how to appear/sound like one of them, and foraging for whatever food was left on site, mostly godawful vegan substitute food. It was miserable living, but it was for a purpose: there was nothing he could do to bring the Above back, but he could avenge them. A ratio of 1 billion to 1 sounded fair to him, considering population differences.

Once resources ran dry, he set out into the modern world, fitting surprisingly well as Rae, and beginning to plot the eventual end of modern man, starting with a career on Shock TV murdering these horrid people live. For rewards, even. This was going to be too easy. Now, where to find easily accessible nuclear arms...


Rae is certainly not like other women. S/he does not care for daintiness, sexiness, and cuteness, whatever. He's a man's man, wanting to go out and do things whenever possible and make a name for himself again among modern men... that way they know full well who stabbed them all in the collective back. Despite his active nature and want to commit genocide, he's usually quite calm and likable off the camera and easy to get chummy with. Just identify him as a 'he' rather than a 'her' like his biology states and staying off his s**t list becomes relatively easy. Rae knows full well not to worry about small things though, and is quick to forgive on such a trite manner. Really, he just wants to find the few decent people in the world not to kill in the end, and is willing to extend an olive branch for them to climb over on. If you do manage to piss him off though... let's just say Death seems a lot more preferable fast. Really fast. He refuses to put up with true bullshit, and will just keep coming at you again and again if you don't tone down said bullshit. His fans call him The Unrelenting Force for a good reason. Said force however, is sloppy and predictable, more used to dealing with the brainless animals of the wild than dynamically thinking/adjusting humans. Still, he'll getcha. It's just a matter of when.

[]Weapons[] :: Bare Goddamn Hands AKA "Logic and Reason", The Double Chainsaw™/Chainsaw Polearm, Propane Nightmare, The Grocket Launcher, the Sacred Shiv.

Bare Damn Hands :: Rae's bare hands, what more needs to be said? Aside from the fact that they hit like a truck, anyway. And bench press trucks.

The Double Chainsaw/Chainsaw Polearm :: The pinnacle of zombie killing technology, it's exactly what it says on the tin: two orange-base, blood coated chainsaws connected side by side. Mostly used for dealing with large waves of mooks rather than single targets due to its awkward handling. The dual chainsaws can be detached and reattached at the bases, then extended to make up the secondary Chainsaw Polearm. Inefficient as hell compared to an average polearm, but damn if it isn't cool. And that's all that matters, right?

The dual chainsaws are Rae's most fuel efficient weapon, only needing a refill every 2 hours of totaled use.

Propane Nightmares :: A standard M2 flamethrower with some readjustments to the tank for holding various spreadable substances, ranging from standard flammable substances to liquid nitrogen and a caustic acidic substance called 'tambrium bias,' something his techy friend came across. To make this versatility though, fuel capacity per substance was drained by a lot, and the tanks need more consistent switching. Said tanks are marked for his own convenience, bearing small marks on the bottom for sorting purposes (a flame, an ice cube, and TB, respectively). On the right side of the right handle, near where the trigger is located, are three buttons for quick and reliable switching of substance on the fly.

Each tank provides enough substance for 10 seconds of sustained fire. Enough to coat, not enough to W+M1 like a moron.

Grocket Launcher :: The disturbing spawn of an RG-6 Grenade Launcher and four RPG-7 Rawket Lawn Chairs, with the barrel of the grenade launcher sitting pretty in the middle of the four RPGs, creating a single rectangular prism of explosions. Comes with several grenade variants for versatility, featuring standard noxious, nerve, and tear gas grenades, plus incendiaries and frags. Rockets are standard grade "mess s**t up" missiles, though he's been wanting to re-mod them to shoot miniature nuclear/hydrogen bombs. If his tech would hurry up and make 'em, anyway...

Up to three payload grenades can be stuffed into the barrel of the grenade launcher segment, while only one rocket will fit in each RPG's chamber. Once loaded, the grenades' order of fire cannot be switched on the fly.

Sacred Shiv :: The simple wooden shiv forged from a simple tree, carved with a simple claw. Unlike the rest of his arsenal, there's really nothing special about it aside from lore. There aren't even any special markings on it. Still, Rae treats it like a lucky rabbit's foot and carries it with him wherever he goes, even occasionally whipping it out for a killing blow.

[]Armor[] :: Armor is for pussies, in Rae's book. Better to learn how to take a hit then hide behind something to take the hit for you. As such he always dresses casual, usually seen wearing only a black muscle shirt and some saggy jeans. Whether he wears undergarments under either is up for debate.

Armor Information :: This section is set aside for just the physical descriptions and depictions of one‘s protective gear. For example, an in-detail explanation of the material composition and physical specifications of your chestplate. Any powers said armor may possess will be listed below in the “Gear Abilities” section. As with anything, be precise! You will be limited and defined by the descriptions you give. Add or delete terms below as needed, using the arranged format. Feel free to take a look at my profile for relevant examples, located in my Gaia Profile “About Me” Section.

Black Muscle Shirt :: Exactly what it says on the tin, no special visuals or anything. It's loose fitting, airy, and helps showcase the hard work toning, so it works well enough for him. Surprisingly clean.

Navy Jeans :: A pair of slightly faded, loose hanging jeans. Unremarkable, save for two small holes around the right knee. Also rather clean, aside from a really stubborn grass stain on the untouched knee/left thigh.

Leather Belt :: A simple black leather belt, used to keep those loose jeans up. Can also make an impromptu, ineffective whip.

[]Supernatural Abilities/Qualities[] :: Blazing Berzerker, Medium Awareness/Observation of the Fourth Wall, Hyperspace Inventory.

Supernatural Abilities/Qualities Information :: During the time he spent researching those who murdered all he knew, this knowledge grew even more and branched out... in an especially odd way, at that. He started noticing things no one else could, like odd or predictable patterns in people, or rampant things that made no logical sense. He could even see and talk with people that no one else even acknowledged existing.

At what he called a 'plot crucial' point of his life, one where he was physically unable to release all his pent up rage due to exhaustion, his latest talent came forth in violent fashion, setting all ablaze that stood too close at the time of eruption, followed by an irritated tantrum of epic proportions. Once he had gotten his senses back in order and observed just what the hell happened, he found he had acquired an affinity to fire...somehow. These flames didn't manifest at a whim, though, only appearing again as his frustration grew... which curiously became a much harder affair to achieve after the first furious rampage. The experience left him much stronger, but he just didn't feel like using that strength as often anymore.

I See The Strings (Passive) :: He may not be able to see dead people, but he sure sees some weird things nowadays. Rae naturally makes fourth wall breaking observations of his environment and those in it when prevalent, though nothing stupid broken like reading attacks typed up or pulling information from typed thoughts. Mostly played for humorous effect, but has given him the ability to slightly detect nearby foes (about 10 feet) hidden in unnatural ways as well. He believes the last part was added in a recent patch to make the ability more relevant for competitive players, though he can't exactly ask around to make sure.

Is It Getting Hot In Here? (Passive) :: Rae's natural body temperature naturally increases with his frustration, rising 2 degrees Celsius per point of Frustration, making him untouchable with bare hands quickly. His natural body temperature is also higher than usual even when calm, at 55.5 degrees Celsius when healthy (about 1.5x the normal body temperature of a human). This also grants him perpetual increased resistance to fire and ice-based attacks (33%), and causes fire-based attacks to raise his Frustration on hit, while ice and water-based attacks lower his Frustration.

Or Is It Just You? :: Once his Frustration reaches at least 10, Rae can expend 5 FP to raise the heat at a given location he sees. The temperature raise grows with his frustration, starting out as a utility or mild annoyance, maxing when frenzied at the ability to cause things to spontaneously ignite. He requires a brief moment of focus to raise the heat though, giving the target time to move away since the combustion is location based.

Hot On The Trail :: At 20 FP, Rae can spend 15 FP to temporarily imbue his fists and feet with flames, adding fire-based damage to all bare-handed/footed melee blows and leaving a searing hot trail of fire where he walks, deterring chasers. The flames quickly die out though, only lasting 2 turns. When frenzied, this skill is automatically in effect and boosted until calmed, causing the flames on his limbs to project and increase the range of his weaponless blows.

Gaia Hates Your Guts :: At 40 FP, Rae can use up 25 to pound the ground and release an incredibly tall, 8 foot wide pillar of flame at a given location. A notable rumble occurs in the ground, and the pillar itself takes a few moments to actually erupt, giving whatever is standing there a decent amount of time to move the hell out of the way. When Frenzied, the pillar continues scorching for 2 turns and leaves a hot spot that releases a second column of flame when pressure is applied to it.

Stop, Drop and Run Like Hell :: At 75 Frustration, Rae can expend all his current Frustration in a last ditch panic attack to disperse anything close by, practically exploding as a massive blast of pyrotechnics. There's a visual cue given with Rae's body starting to entirely catch on fire and glowing lightly, giving time for assaulters to run like hell away from the ticking time bomb. Even if they do stick around to try and finish Rae off, the mix of heated winds and fiery blasts would blow all but the hardiest folks away. This blast leaves Rae weakened for the next three turns, but also compensates by shielding him with a searing full body flame for a single turn that smart people will stay out of the radius of, and idiots will rush into while suffering severe burns. If used while Frenzied and at or above 60 FP, the Frenzy ends and causes a similar blast, but removes the period of weakness. If under 50 FP, the effects are the same as when calm.

Canned Anger (Passive) :: When Rae tops off at 100 Frustration, he automatically enters a rage-induced tantrum, becoming much more aggressive and powerful. All his abilities gain additional effects/power, his resistances to fire and ice increase to 50%, and his strength bolsters to obscene levels. While Frenzied, Rae quickly loses FP at 20 per turn with the Frenzy ending once he hits 0. However, if no attacks land during the tantrum, Rae is refunded 25 FP due to the frustration of missing so often. This refund will not occur if Rae uses his panic attack. Rae is also vulnerable for a turn after the Frenzy ends normally, trying to regain his senses. This vulnerability does not come into effect if the panic attack is used, or if Rae doesn't land a single hit.

Drop the Hammerspace (Passive) :: How else is Rae supposed to carry all that weaponry and ammo? Carry it in his a**? Like any first/third-person shooter badass worth his salt, Rae has limited access to his own personal bit of hammerspace, where he stores his loads of guns and other crap. He doesn't know how it works or when he got access to it. All he does know is that it's really useful, and that his back can apparently smuggle more weapons than an entire rebel unit.

[]Natural Abilities[] :: Massive Masochist, Resourcefulness, Beast King.

Natural Ability Information :: Rae's time spent in the rough outback has done loads for him, making him very good at scavenging and managing resources, and enforcing knowledge of the surrounding wild/plantlife. In addition, the extensive abuse he's put his body through both at home and on Shock TV have conditioned both his mind and his body to take pain much better than the average person.

Puny Pain (Passive) :: Rae has conditioned his mind and nervous system to accept pain more readily, and even convert smaller amounts to a pleasurable feeling. As such, he essentially has Critical Existence Failure: although his body will show the effects of attacks clear as day, Rae will keep on trucking and hitting like a truck until his body absolutely gives out, unless he's hit with an egregiously powerful blow.

Great Wall of Queensland (Passive) :: Saying Rae can take a hit is an understatement. Hits are almost afraid to take him on. He's not invincible, by any means; if you cut him, he'll bleed, and if you shoot him, a bullet wound will make itself evident. He's as mortal as any other human, just really. Really. Really resistant. Go ahead, ask him about the time he was impaled through the right side of his chest. Didn't slow him down long by any means, and he still won that fight with a hole in his pecs and a single functioning lung. Was sent to the hospital for intensive care, but still.

Hyperactive Immune System (Passive) :: Rae's constant afflictions with poisons of all sorts have left him incredibly resistant (50% resistance) to any poisons with ingredients originating from an animal. Artificial toxins are not affected, and he receives all effects of such. In addition, Rae rarely, if ever, gets sick from natural diseases.

When All You Have Is A Gong (Passive) :: Rae is very adept at abusing the arena around him to make life hard/nonexistent for opponents, ranging from throwing poor sods into the maws of waiting beasts to severing electrical wires to fry a guy. He's a bit reliant on this though, and is at a slight disadvantage on a completely featureless play area.

PhD In Homeopathy (Passive) :: Rae may not be Einstein, but he's pretty intelligent when it comes to mixing home remedies. Give him some herbs and some animal juices and he'll probably concoct something, no guarantees on it being what you want or need though. Nature is fickle that way.

Alpha Male :: Rae has taken a stance among the animal kingdom, showing damn well he's at the top of the food chain. Animals and pets naturally fear him at first glance, but can get used to him in time. Rae also has working knowledge of the weaknesses of most dangerous beasts, giving him an advantage over anything carnivorous/omnivorous and not human/humanoid.

[]Glossary[] :: Oh man I can explain things, I am the best thesaurus ever.

He/She Gender Confusion - Rae is physically female, barely at that, but identifies as male. He rarely gets worked up over the matter, but his status as accepted as male means a lot to him, so ignoring it completely after being asked to identify him as such is a good way to get on his s**t list. Even better if you call him female pet names like "sweetheart."

Frustration - Rae's necessary stat to inflict the most pain possible, due to being an emotionally-driven berzerker. Frustration increases with every blow he takes, constantly increases when dangerously close to losing or if a fight drags on much too long for his tastes, and can be affected by countless other factors. It is an emotion, after all. When fully calm he'll start at 0, but this can also be affected by recent events and such. Caps at 100, at which point Frustration starts draining and Rae enters his Frenzied state.

FP - Frustration Points. How Rae's current level of Frustration is calculated. Best kept low.

Frenzy - Rae's anger-fueled, obscenely powerful state. While fully enraged, Rae lacks any control over his actions and can easily do things he'll regret later, or even immediately. This rarely occurs outside of confrontations, but still can if he's poked and prodded enough, especially on sensitive issues. Woe be unto the person who started his frenzy, unless he's very flame retardant.


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Manliest of Faces
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