... Ꭹᗝᘎ ᔕᖺᎩ ᗢᖇ ᔕᗝᙢᗴ♈ᖺᓰﬡ'?


This is me.

Don't like it? Feel free to leave c:

{My name's Nikki}

~❥~I've been a member since 2005.
~❥~ I'm a derp!
~❥~ I stumble over my words, laugh at stupid puns and have a terrible habit of being able to write novellas yet manage to ALWAYS trip up on simple conversations.
~❥~Art done for me {Huge thanks to all of the artists}
~❥~I love role-playing.
~❥~I believe everyone deserves kindness, unless they prove me else-wise.
~❥~You can find me in Towns, feel free to join!
~❥~Atariel "Tari"Tsukai is my RL little sister.
~❥~My friends and family are the coolest people you'll ever meet!
~❥~Taken by this weirdo... smilies/icon_heart.gif
~❥~Want to know more? You'll find out in time.
~❥~Want to Skype? {rena.grimoire}
~❥~Xbox? Gamertag: Nikaley


Maybe you'll recognize me?

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