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Before you click to open my profile, please lower the volume on your computer so that your ears don't burst, lol.

I'm questing HUGS!
Send me one 50/100
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I'm also questing far 572 BIL / 1.5 TRIL.
Will update every billion.

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----> Me!


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x-melion-x Report | 08/30/2015 11:42 pm
Cool Avi!
Melody Hikari-Shinu Anson Report | 08/24/2015 9:22 pm
Melody Hikari-Shinu Anson
Yeah, same! I honestly felt like that there was more of a community and less devaluation of things. They haven't updated the GC prices in the shops, but the Marketplace can buy the same items for far less GC.... talk2hand
Nuclear Muchacho Report | 08/24/2015 5:04 am
Nuclear Muchacho
Thanks for the purchase.
Melody Hikari-Shinu Anson Report | 08/23/2015 8:46 pm
Melody Hikari-Shinu Anson
Ah, I thought I recognized the username!! I saw you around one of my other accounts, back when it was worth the effort to log into them.
Melody Hikari-Shinu Anson Report | 08/23/2015 5:31 pm
Melody Hikari-Shinu Anson
Do you also own an account with the username reversed [ie: Candeh Mandeh]?
Huge Rection Report | 08/22/2015 8:00 am
Huge Rection

I knoooowww! I wish tektek was still alive so I can make an avi contest again. xD
I really suck at making avis. rofl

Kiriad Report | 08/21/2015 4:08 pm
Thank you so much for my gift! heart
tinkerboricua Report | 08/21/2015 3:33 pm
No prob! You are welcome~
Kiriad Report | 08/21/2015 2:01 pm
I took a peek at your WL hahahahaha I'm happy you liked it heart
Huge Rection Report | 08/20/2015 9:59 pm
Huge Rection

Yeah. I couldn't pull off my previous avi with the blue hair so I just switched back. rofl


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