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Report | 12/25/2014 4:56 am


Im getting goosebumps from reading that. how did that happen? Man I sure hope you have a very merry Christmas, Manda. And a very painless one.
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Report | 12/24/2014 8:39 pm

S h u y i B r e a d

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Merry Christmas~! <3
Have a super wonderful day filled with warm wishes~!
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Report | 12/23/2014 12:34 am


your heels??? what's wrong with your heels? I hope you are feeling better now from when we last chatted. emotion_hug

ugh you said it. I pretty much gave up knowing what new items are available after being away for a bit..it's just too overwhelming trying to keep up.
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Report | 12/20/2014 3:07 pm

-Lady Alaina-

Sorry you've been blah and tired, I can understand. It's not much fun, especially when you are worrying about a loved one. I've been keeping her in my prayers and I sure hope that she'll get better and that the doctors will know how to treat her.

I'm doing okay, a bit tired and blah myself today. I'll be starting the new diet in January since some of the stuff I need for it, is being shipped to Montana. That way we didn't have to pay taxes etc. The plant fusion is part of the replacement shake that I need to have once a day, so can't do that right now. Plus I wanted to enjoy one last holiday before scrapping all the good stuff. 3nodding
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Report | 12/20/2014 8:57 am

-Lady Alaina-

Just wanted to say how much I love your festive looking avi! It is super cute! Hope you are doing well 3nodding
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Report | 12/19/2014 3:37 am


aww thanks. It was a combination of Rose Chronicle for the eyes and Lamenting Lucie for the make up.

ouch that sounds horrible...is that the last of that procedure you have to go through before the holidays? I sure hope you have recoved fully from it by now. Sorry for the really late replies, havent been online much lately. emotion_hug
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Report | 12/18/2014 2:49 pm


Thank you n.n

Their the master jew ones
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Report | 12/17/2014 4:17 pm

-Lady Alaina-

Hi there, I know I didn't "have" to I wanted to, it's Christmas after all biggrin

I'm extremely tired. Should be getting dinner going right now, but here I sit, bad me. Hubby will be home in an hour.

How are you?
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Report | 12/15/2014 8:21 pm


Haii how goes it?
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Report | 12/15/2014 3:26 pm

-Lady Alaina-

Aww...thank you so much! Was trying to go for a Christmasy type look. biggrin
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Report | 12/11/2014 9:20 pm


oh shoot. I have an idea what a colonoscopy is about but what is that other one? Whatever they are yeah they don't sound pleasant. Is this still related to your previous condition? Aawww Manda, I really hope you get better and not endure all those procedures anymore. That's just torture. You are doing better now, I hope and will be ready for the holidays good as new. emotion_hug
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Report | 12/10/2014 3:00 am


heart thank you, Manda. How have you been? Long time no see. emotion_hug
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Report | 12/05/2014 7:08 pm

-Lady Alaina-

You're welcome and thank you as well! heart
The hair is from the item Tisiphone’s Vindictive Grace. It was a spendy item and was gifted it in a gifting above you thread. I was shocked!
-Lady Alaina-'s avatar

Report | 12/05/2014 7:03 pm

-Lady Alaina-

Thank you! Someone gifted me the hair item and the top. I had the rest and was able to put together my dream avi. Still missing the eye item, but don't want to spend 30 billion that I don't have.

I really love your avi's colors, very pretty! heart
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Report | 12/03/2014 7:13 am

-Fierce Sushi-

hey love heart
im on!!

your avi is looking HAWT!!!!!
S h u y i B r e a d's avatar

Report | 11/21/2014 10:04 pm

S h u y i B r e a d

Thanks hun.
Are you talking about my current avi?
If you are, my eyes are from Strawberry Ribbon Candy with the glasses Secret Character A.
The Secret Character A has eyes too I think. (along with the glasses in one equip pose)

Awhies, that sucks. Getting a colonoscopy sounds painful..even if they do drug you up. x.x
But besides that, I hope everything goes well in your tests. <3
S h u y i B r e a d's avatar

Report | 11/19/2014 9:15 pm

S h u y i B r e a d

That avi of yours is simply marvelous~! <3
Your avis are always so unique, Manda.
Why can't I make one like that? ;<
(Because I lack creativity lols.)

How are you doing, hun?
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Report | 11/18/2014 9:11 am

tankgirl em

Well the way the Licensing works is you have to take classes to get a License in Esthetics, which works primarily in skin care (spa, facial, waxing techniques) more so than a regular cosmetology license- that's what I am doing now. Once I complete that, I will go to different work shops or a specialty school for make up arts to specialize my license and set me apart from others. They don't offer a regular Make Up Artist License where I live so I have to do it this way so I can get my License in the Industry. If your health ever permits, I definitely suggest it if it's what you really like! You will meet lots of people and get to do something fun everyday.
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Report | 11/17/2014 11:33 am

Empress Boa

aww me n rolf agrees its soo much better to watch it in japanese with english subs only. the dub just absolutely ruins it in our opinion. i think you can watch online biggrin here's where we watch our updated episodes: http://www1.watchop.com/one-piece-episodes/

we watch every weekend we never miss it, me n rolf definitely share our love for One Piece hahahhaa heart
tankgirl em's avatar

Report | 11/17/2014 11:24 am

tankgirl em

I know! The servers are finally working right 3nodding Thanks for looking me up! I love your profile it's so colorful and bright! & Thank you for the compliment of my avi, I am still searching for some finishing touches but for the most part I think this one is complete whee I loved that you posted make up on your IG! I am going to school to be a make up artist heart
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