So here's me...

I see you have stumbled upon my profile!

So a few things about me:
I'm from Argentina but speak fluent English, though I'll use the "I'm foreign" excuse for anything that I do wrong...
I love metal, rock and punk music, and most subgenres of those genres, I also play the BASS, and I love it a lot...
I like reading and writing stuff, I write my own music too; I love comic books (Sandman <3 ) and the books I read are pretty varied, I think... I had a pretty fantasy-influenced era, and still LOVE that, but I think I've expanded from that, yes. Roleplaying is my thing, and it's basically the only reason I'm still ON gaia, so if you have a cool guild, invite me!
That's about it...any other questions will have to be asked once we actually speak...So yeah!


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Obsessive Bunny
Twitchys Feathery Waltz
Manchee of Prentisstown
They Call Me Canadian
Yandere Doctor
Jojo Banishing
The American Dr Pan

Legolas/ Dawg / Petite Elf
This would be my best friend in real life!
We go to school together,
we complain about our previous tutor,
I steal her fruitloops and wake her
up so she can make me pancakes,

The Dream Team
These are my closest online friends and run the best guild EVER!

More homies yo!
These are people that I like talking to and posting with!

Manchee / Cayt / Sauron
Me! Read over there
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