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Mostly game items and useless stuff from my inventory yum_strawberry


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It's-a me, Manami!


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Registered: 09/15/2010

Birthday: 04/14


I'm Mana, from Hungary, I'm a Touhou nerd and I like drawing and stuff. emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif
I'm an ISF/TP (F is more dominant)
English is not my first language
I like typing stuff with tiny letters

tumblr! (check this)
deviantArt! (don't check this, it's not up to date at all)
LoL! (still unranked ahaha)

Everyone is telling a lot about themselves in the About section, and I'm just sitting here with no idea what to write. smilies/icon_xd.gif

Anyways, I like:
-especially during classes
-Touhou Project
-Touhou music
-League of Legends
-Pokémon and Touhoumon
-reading people's mind
-being antisocial
-cute things
-blue, green, red, and colorful things
-winter and summer
-nice people

in case you wondered
-favourite touhous are Alice, Cirno, Sakuya, Mokou, Satori, Koishi and Yoshika, ahahaha~ yoshikz is adorbz
-favourite themes are Alice in Wonderland, the Grimoire of Alice, Luna Dial, The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls, Border of Life, Charming Domination, Broken Moon, Invisible Full Moon, History of the Moon, Reach for the Moon, MOON MOON, Wind God Girl, Fate of Sixty Years, Satori Maiden, Nuclear Fusion, Hartmann's Youkai Girl, Cosmic Mind, Rigid Paradise and Desire Drive yay
-favourite games are IN, SA and TD


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TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/26/2015 10:18 am
Ah I see 3nodding Your traditional art is really good, I see no problems with getting past the entrance exams, just make sure you have everything you need (a friend of mine entered it and she needed to have a map of 20 pictures ready - different pictures all sorts and kinds). But the exam varies from country to country so it's best if you take your time to check out what you'll need c: But I guess you already knew that and this was pointless... sorry
Don't feel uncomfortable, sure it might be weird to be watched by people, but they are all watching just because they are amazed by your work, if anyone criticizes you take it as good will to show you where you can improve c:
And yes being rich is always a good plan emotion_awesome

Ah I see, I salute you 3nodding I myself am very impatient and I'll try to figure out a solution asap, so youtube walktroughs are a very common thing with me.
TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/24/2015 10:36 am
Ah, but what if you'll make it as an artist. You never know, you might just make it, you could start promoting yourself right here on gaia by drawing live or offering free aviart, or open a shop and sell some art there and open a deviantart and promote yourself, send links to all places you can think of people might see you such as facebook and alike, or make your own blog and post your work there or draw live and let people see you when your drawing etc. The more people know you the better, your chances later, just don't forget to have fun when you're doing it, it's pointless doing it if you don't have fun c:
I believe you'll be able to do it, but you'll have to step out of the introvert circle and start working outside your comfort zone for a bit, untill you're recognised enough to bring in the hoards of people by the mention of your name alone. Or have someone do the dirty job of advertising emotion_awesome

Yeah level 7 (I cheated with youtube videos showing how to get past by sweatdrop ). I find Double Spoiler much harder, I'm still stuck at level 5.
And yes Momiji is tough (extremly tough if you take into account she's only a midboss) I only figured how to beat one of her scenes. I guess back to youtube and dying helplessly it is sweatdrop
TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/22/2015 9:17 pm
They are fun aside from the hoards of work (and my faculty is still considered an easy one sweatdrop ).
Think of something that makes you happy, if you like computers - technical school, travelling - tourism, studying - medicine and law, languages - English studies, drawing - art school... etc. Grades also play a role in choosing especially for medicine, everyone fighting to get in there. But you still have a year pick something you like. Don't look at the things that will bring in a solid job, with economy as it is it's impossible to tell where you'll end up sweatdrop

Yeah, though I imagine an introvert party to be everyone in their corners hanging on to the phone, book, computer, silently eating snacks and doing their own business. The rest is more or less the same, they just scatter at the most impeccable timing and sooner or later you're having the party alone.

No I mean level 7 as the time you encounter Sakuya - I made it so far by playing the hell out of it emotion_dowant
But I'm stuck there, the whole level 6 was impossible to do and I only made it so far by beating the early 30 stages.
Actually I experienced the improvement differently - I played the main games over and over and then became better at StB... I guess the more you play the better it gets (though I'm still a noob compared to others xD)

Yeah and a little less extreme than fairy wars is UFO, I've seen Hijiri once before being sent to oblivion sweatdrop
TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/21/2015 10:08 pm
2 C's - that's grand xD I might fail law for all I know sweatdrop I have to know everything - heck I even know how your parliament looks like cause the professor was obsessed that we know everything -.- and next week I have to prove, how little I really know T^T, yeah fun life. Grading is the same otherwise with 5 being the best grade and 1 means you'll fail. Except in the university, where 10 is the best grade and 5 means you'll fail.
Ah I see, same things here, only nobody tells me to do harder anymore, they just expect that from me automatically. Life begins to either flourish or dwindle once you get in university.

Because people can't handle the awesomeness emotion_awesome
Nah, but it ain't bad, just different from the usual and people can't and don't want to understand what's different from them. Rare are those who try.
I join your dislike of clubbing and would much rather spend my evening playing games or working on some crocheting or making pictures or whatever, heck even studying is better.
Otherwise... INTROVERTS UNITE! - separately xD

Shoot the bullet - I'm currently stuck on level 7 and I see no chance of progressing xD You know how some people are pros to such an extent they can walk trough rain and the'y are still dry - I'm the opposite, 1 bullet on screen and I'm sure to hit it face first xD I've only ever finished games on easy except for fairy wars I couldn't finish that not even on easy without dying 2 -3 times emotion_facepalm
TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/20/2015 11:20 pm
Don't start playing them before your vacation starts or your grades will plummet into the abyss. Just a tip c:

Don't worry social life is for the noobs, who can't handle the awesomeness of touhou (and internet in general). So we're pros emotion_yatta

Oh yeah I've been searching the youtube and I found this as a presentation of touhou, it's decent (and another one that's indicent xD) - and I guess you probably already know them, but anyhow:
-1. link
-2. link
TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/20/2015 2:20 am
Yeah sweatdrop But I just finished a test and it went well emotion_dowant Only a few more to go and I'm free for a whole month emotion_yatta

I studied them thoroughly, I wan't contended until everyone was a monster - good nature and a perfect EV training. I could have been an even bigger perfectionist and go for more gen breeding to give them the IV boost, but it's pointless cause there are no competitive battles sweatdrop
I played Touhoumon another world. It's grand and insane - you can't beat the game unless your whole team is 100 levels, well technically you can, but good luck 3nodding Yes they are bonekas, but I've only played and finished World link and Another world and Marisa's magic world which is designed for catching everything available as well as fast and instantaneous EV training - then just trade them beauties around and viola emotion_awesome
I didn't play any of the ones you've mentioned, guess I know now where I'll spend my rest from school.

I believe a johto version might already be available somewhere - it's a hack from the old pokemon silver game and it's called Touhoumon: ordinary version - link

New game emotion_kirakira goodbye social life
HuanYue Kitsune Report | 01/19/2015 3:10 am
HuanYue Kitsune
Thank you for purchasing! *bows*
TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/18/2015 10:38 pm
Woha eek
That's some grand list - I'll check it after my finals pass. 3nodding Wouldn't want to start something now and fail the exams sweatdrop
But among them it's like you said, I did hear of IOSYS, I know of quite a few of their songs, much be because they are popular and get to be on the right side beside the video.

Ah yes touhoumon xD I've spent my summer playing it. And not just a regular play, everyone had to be a perfect EV trained monster and I wasn't happy untill I had all the Z ones too c: Yeah, time well spent whee

I've heard of rumors (but just rumors) that someone (or a group) is trying to rip pokemon Pearl and Diamond and make a touhoumon game there.
And upon some minor investigation I've stumbled across Touhou puppet dance preformance - which has the same elements as touhoumon, but doesn't rely on the ripped games of pokemon. I will investigate it more troughtly - next week (or the week after that) 3nodding
TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/18/2015 10:13 am
A thousand circles... I'd be shocked by the number, but I know the community well so I'm not all that surprised xD
I like all genres actually - If I had to pinpoint out what I dislike that would be the accordion, and even then some songs sound wondrous with an accordion, so as far as I'm concerned all works. Maybe as far as I've heard the songs, vocal isn't something that's too appealing to me either, but then again some songs work, but only some.
So uh... I like rock, and instrumental, and weird mash ups that sound broken but not too much, metal is good too c: Dunno I like almost everything.

I didn't know the sites were ripped one from another - I've been using them often playing touhoumon and moushuden (football), and like you've said the content they offer is very different.
TsukimiAndTheJellyfishes Report | 01/18/2015 5:14 am
I uhh... just started listening to them sweatdrop I've been listening to remixes from somone on youtube called linkstarzelda - I'm familiar with some of the circles and their songs but I know the songs not their authors sweatdrop
I went to check the ones you've sent me tough and I like them quite a bit 4laugh (I'll investigate them troughtly later, when I have some rest from school) - still got any more of them c: ?

Yeah I'm sure there are plenty of presentations, but I guess if there should be a place to start investigating it would be the wiki - and as far as I know touhou has 2 wikies - 1. and 2.
Murder of Time
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Awesome people!


I'll put art here. :D