Name: Mama
B-Day: April 23rd
Joined: April 16th, 2006

Obviously, I love Eeyore.
If I want you to know anything else, I'll tell you.
Snoopy face.

    Mamasaurus Rex is...
    A wife. A mom. A grandma. A friend. And so many other things.
    She is a wonderful person, though timid, quiet, and shy.

    Her daughter is Ducky Zilla, who is also responsible for getting her into Gaia in the first place.
    Here is a really old photo of us: HAR, HAR, MOM
    I don't even remember how old that picture is, probably 1989?
    Dig those 80's bangs. DIG THEM.
    Let's not even mention them owl lens glasses.

    Mama is my biggest fan, my biggest critic, but most of all my best friend.



This journal is all about thanking a person whom I owe a debt of gratitude for always trying to make me happy.
She got me started on gaia on Easter, helping her get eggs, and I ended up signing up. I didn't have the dreadful peasant dress long, oh no, my GUARDIAN ANGEL and one of her friends made sure I had clothes to wear.
She got me set up to sell and trade and gave me enough clothes so I can change and fit in with all of the other avies.
To you MOOLEY, thank you and I love you more than anything.

THIS JOURNAL IS A THANK YOU TO MY DAUGHTER ZIP {who by the way is my main reason for living}


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Found Insanity

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Found Insanity

Thank you for the purchase
Foreign Languages

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Foreign Languages


        ʜ, ʀ ʙʏ, ɪ ɴɴ ғʟʟ ʏ

              What a cute profile. 8'D

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thank you for buying~^w^

and you have really sweet profile btw~

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Hi! Sorry to bother, I just wanted to say I love your avi! It is beautiful! Have a lovely day!
fluffy dream

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fluffy dream

your avi is ridiculously adorable

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Nice avi!!
What is hair?
C h i k a r i B e a n

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C h i k a r i B e a n

Your username's adorable whee

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Thanks for buying Dear! 3nodding

& I really love Your cute profile!! ^ ^ emotion_bigheart
Ducky Zilla

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Ducky Zilla


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cute profile!
and thanks for buying ;P


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Mamasaurus Rex is Ducky Zilla's awesome mom. IRL, derp.