Who I Am

Bonjour, je m'appelle Angel. You all can call me Angel, I prefer this name rather to my given name. Nice to meet you new faces, and to those who know me personally, it's nice to know you all still as well.

Like I've said before, I'd prefer you to call me by my name I've chosen. If you'd like to my actual name you may ask. I am a rather spontaneous type of girl, but as you get to know me better you'll see exactly why. I live in a dreadful state but inspire to be a tattoo artist later in life. I'm not sure what I'll be doing until then, but I'll give it my all. Why do anything without 100%? It be pointless otherwise.

Not really sure why I'm on Gaia anymore, guess it's just a habit. I've been on this site since I was about eleven. I have plenty of great memories here with countless amounts of people, and if there is a day that I do leave Gaia, then It'll be the day that I'll have shed a tear but smile because it was a great time.
I've met a wonderful person, two actually. Their usernames were Lumii-chan and Ephreal. They've since changed their names; as have I. I'll always refer to them as this though, it's just who I will always see them as. Lumii has become a great sister to me, and I can honestly not imagine a day without her. She's guided me through some trying times in my life. Lumii had helped me with everything from school, to personal life. She's a wonderful person, and she'll be a huge part of the world I'm sure of it. Intelligent, saavy, wonderful write, and an even greater friend with outstanding moral. She's gorgeous and talented as well, and I'm proud to say that she's my sister. Je t'aime ma souer.

The second is a gentlemen named Ephreal. He has been a great person as well. He's a very kind hearted soul, and a very great friend. I'm very honored to be considered a friend by him, and hope to continue so. He's an inspiring authur, and a very talented one as well. I'm sure you all will be reading his novels one day. Merci beacoup pour mon ami.

I don't mind you asking questions, in fact I'd invite them. I've always grown to be fascinated with answering about myself rather than allowing others to discover them themselves.

As long as I have those then I'm set.
That's all, anything else just find out your own way or ask. I don't mind answering questions really (:


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