You can just call me Malice or Mali. I'm a single lesbian in my twenties and I live in the Southwestern US. Get to know me, I can be nice! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

I'm weaboo/otaku trash and not ashamed of it. I am who I am, your approval ain't needed.

Let's see now...
I'm an introvert and an empath, socializing often takes away my energy (even talking to people online) so if I'm not very talkative at times or if I give short and blunt responses, I apologize, it isn't your fault. Once I recharge my "batteries" I'll be good to go. I'm also very awkward at comforting people, and sometimes don't know what to say. It doesn't mean I don't care, I just don't have much to say or do except offer a hug and a listening ear.

As far as personality goes, I'm pretty straightforward and blunt. I won't lie just to spare someone from hurt feelings, if that bothers you then we won't get along. My sense of humor is also kind of twisted and slightly offensive, so you've been warned. I'm scatterbrained at times (thanks ADHD!) and sometimes forget stuff or get distracted easily. I'm actually really nice and awesome once you take time to get to know me. I've been told that I give really helpful and wise insight/advice and I'm smarter than people give me credit for. I'm probably, like, the most non-judgemental and accepting person you'll ever meet.

I don't tolerate drama. Bring me any form of drama and I'll eat you. Also, don't ever lie to me. There's no need for it and plus I'll just see right through your lie and call you out on it. People who lie lose respect and trust from me. Be honest and be yourself. I'm not judgemental. You don't have to lie to impress me. :3 ♡




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My cat has passed away (8/8/16 @ 8:03PM). He was a very important member of the family, been with us since I was 4 years old (and now I'm 21) and meant so much more to me than people realize. His death has made a huge impact on me, and I miss him so much. With time, I will heal. He was old and it was his time...

My Lucky cat. He was very much loved and spoiled. RIP, sweet kitty.