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Occupation: Webcam girl & Student

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I'm just a girl trying to find herself, in a world that nothing brings me happiness. I am very introverted so I tend to stop talking to people after awhile. I'm a bookworm and I am into learning about mythical creatures. I also role-play.

Age: 23

Hogwart's house: Slytherin

Sign: Gemini

Sexual status: Bisexual

Favorite food: Korean Barbecue & Curry Buns

Favorite book: Tiger Curse series.

Favorite colors: Lavender & Mint green

Occupation: College student & sometimes webcam girl (Yes I take off my clothes for money)

Favorite song: Me!Me!Me! by teddyloid

Breast size: D cups


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Javier Cross Report | 08/04/2015 8:09 am
Javier Cross
I know where the section is, but not anyone who'd be willing to assist there.
Javier Cross Report | 08/01/2015 5:26 am
Javier Cross
Hope for finding willing role-players and getting the RP Projects I have left on Gaia
off the ground for real.
Also, don't give me any spoilers for the movie(s), okay?

If you know a few, would you see if you can't talk with them?
Javier Cross Report | 08/01/2015 5:18 am
Javier Cross
Then may I ask if you have also seen (The Main) Madoka Magica (Anime) and read on its Manga spin-offs as well?

If it's yes to either or both, there is more hope for you still.


I hope they're open-minded and will provide support.
Javier Cross Report | 08/01/2015 5:11 am
Javier Cross
The idea of Role-players no longer being welcome in Gaia never sits well with me to say the least.


Good, then there may be hope as of yet, but do you know other role-players by chance?
Also what do you know of Dot Hack//Roots, Dot Hack//G.U or Dot Hack//G.U Trilogy by chance?
Javier Cross Report | 08/01/2015 4:37 am
Javier Cross
Finding role-players for the Potter-world or Dot Hack is never what it used to be in Current!-Gaia Online, it shows
visibly through the Drought of Willing role-players on-site.
Javier Cross Report | 08/01/2015 4:20 am
Javier Cross
I sensed you were either a role-player or you've noted on the Potter-world earlier before you got
to the latest thread in its sub-forum.
Javier Cross Report | 08/01/2015 3:35 am
Javier Cross
Sometimes the only way to have a hope of stumbling on Knowledge, be it Mortal or Cosmic, is to read
on things, both in pages and in person.

Pleased to meet you.
Javier Cross Report | 08/01/2015 2:30 am
Javier Cross
A pleasure to meet you Hannah.
Daddeh Report | 07/31/2015 9:09 pm
You appeared on my "Recommended list".

I'm just randomly adding those I see to get a more active friend list. You don't have to accept it if you think it's weird or it bothers you. I won't take offense.
The Earl Alois Trancy Report | 07/30/2015 8:08 pm
The Earl Alois Trancy
Alois arches a brow slightly looking at the almost disappointed look on Hannah's face. Were all his demon servants masochists? Well not that he minded.. it meant he could punish them harsher with out worrying they'd try and snag his soul early. "OOhh I haven't had Fish and chips in ages!!" he says licking his lips at the smell. He smirks at Hannah " Buttering me up for something?" he asks as he waves the three idiots over with the tray. He could wait for the desert. He was hungry right now after all.

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