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Hello I am Malefic Spirit, My into is very short and simple. I do good buisness in the gaia market. I have good advice about almost anything, i feel as if I am an old wise soul. Even though i might not have gone through exactly what you are going through. I feel i have good advice to those who truly need it. I am quite and I dont have a whole lot to say unless you get on my nerves. Other than that its strict buisness...

Abilities & Statistics Of RP
(Split Personality Adam & Ezekiel)

Intangibility ------ Invulnerability
Blood Regeneration ------ Supernatural Senses
Telepathy ------ Supernatural Speed
Supernatural Strength ------ Defiance/manipulation of gravity
Shape shifting ------ Teleportation
Immortality Hypnosis ------ Summons of familiars
Creation of fledglings ------ Advanced Combat
High resistance To N.E.E. ------ Unkillable by a GM....

Form- Unknown Until RP
Origins- Unknown Until RP
Job- Unknown Until RP
RPC DM Record (103-0)
RPC Regular Death ratio (410-27)


What is the world without a little madness?


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