Welcome to my profile.

    I don't really come on Gaia that much due to typical life (mainly work and love life) and spending as much time with people who have made me smile again when I was at my worst.

    Not really much to say really. Most of the most random facts about me is over there ➡

    If you want to chat or get to know me more. I reply to PMs when I get a chance as well as profile comments smilies/icon_smile.gif


    ❃ Lives in UK ❃ 5ft 4 ❃ Brown Eyes ❃
    ❃ Brown Hair ❃Cat Lover ❃ Friendly ❃
    ❃ Loves To Dance ❃ Love To Sing ❃
    ❃ Love Crimson ❃ Love Food ❃
    ❃ Roleplayer ❃ Sometimes Cosplay ❃
    ❃Scared Of Spiders ❃ Easily Lonely ❃
    ❃Hopeless Romantic ❃ Hate Lies ❃
    ❃ Loves Cuddles ❃ Work-A-Holic ❃
    ❃ Emotional ❃ Energetic ❃
    ❃ Love photography ❃ Horror Fan ❃
    ❃Love Traveling ❃ Love Swimming ❃
    ❃ Love Hot Chocolate ❃ PC Gamer ❃



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smile A new face would be great! Can't wait to run into the both of you around the guild.

Report | 03/10/2014 12:17 am


lol, I've heard that a lot. sweatdrop I do miss meat... especially burgers; I just can't stand how I can still taste blood even when the meat (chicken, beef, pork) is fully cooked. If I get a meat craving, I allow myself some fish.

No worries; I know how that feels. We look forward to seeing you when you when you do pop in. biggrin

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Um... hmmm... not much, really. sweatdrop

Trying to get back into roleplaying, started one up. Getting better at the whole vegetarian thing; now if only I can get a handle on the 'exercise' thing. lol

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Eh, s'alright I guess. 3nodding

Bladecraft Solune

Report | 03/09/2014 7:11 pm

Bladecraft Solune

Wow! Your profile did make a drastic change~
=o, but it's for the best I would say! I hope you'd come around on Gaia randomly.
I'd like to try roleplaying with you at some time, but it might just take some planning. ^_^

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Swanky profile, Mal! I'm totally diggin' it. 3nodding

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Music Is God

Report | 01/10/2014 4:48 pm

Music Is God

no worries ... peace be with you. i've been going through hell myself. sounds like we could both use a break. hope your hectic schedule slows down a bit. bowing to you ...
Music Is God

Report | 01/09/2014 8:16 pm

Music Is God

hope you're enjoying my responses to your 800 question quiz. i've only got 250 so far, but its pretty fun. (answers start at page 572.) thanks for putting the time and energy into this!
Bladecraft Solune

Report | 12/31/2013 7:47 pm

Bladecraft Solune

Hehe! I'm actually catching up on reading the past comments now! ^__^
That's so sweet of you to do that for him! ((By the way he sounds super excited to say that must mean alot, LOL..))
Too bad it does suck that you've had some bad memories due to some DA who's ruining the game for you. =/ ... I hope you don't feel weird whenever I make League updates!
Anyways! HAPPY NEW YEARS~! I can't believe that it's already the end of the year~!
Luckily, I don't work til Thursday so I don't have any problems... but it seems like my managers don't mind me anyways after the misunderstanding.
So when I get back to the store, it shouldn't be totally awkward. I HOPE...
Everything else has been looking positive so far! The roleplay is getting a lot of progress and I'll be sure to check your roleplay sometime for stalking reading enjoyment.