Pit Fiends

Physical description

Pit fiends are the generals of baatezu armies, the orchestrators of mass corruption and the bullies of their lesser devils. They appear as bestial, scaled humanoids twice the height of any human being with a pair of wings that it can wrap around its body. As venom drips from their fangs, fire wreathes the pit fiend's entire body. When mortals think of devils, the pit fiends are the creatures that are brought to mind. These creatures appear to be large humanoids with brilliant red skin. Their heads are adorned with massive horns while their bodies are cloaked in a pair of bat-like wings. A long, prehensile tail snakes from their backside. The mouth of a pit fiend is filled with sharpened fangs whose bite carries both a terrible poison and a virulent disease. A pit fiend stands over 12 feet tall and weighs 800 pounds.

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Armed with superhuman combat prowess, the intelligence of a mighty wizard, an array of powerful spell-like abilities and usually the resources of a devilish army as well, pit fiends are incredibly dangerous foes. Powerful conjurers can summon a pit fiend to make deals. Contracts are usually written up in order to have the deal honoured, but pit fiends are masters of such things and always have ways of perverting the contract to their own ends.


The next step up from pit fiend in the infernal hierarchy is the rank of duke. Only dukes are allowed to become an archdevil. The process of becoming a duke does not involve a ritual as other devilish ranks do; it just means that a pit fiend gains even more prestige.

Pit fiends are the most powerful of the infernal legions. They serve not only as the generals of Hell’s armies, but also as the lower nobility of the infernal courts. These monstrous fiends are only surpassed in power, prestige, magic, authority & overall, by the archdevils.



The Nine Hells, sometimes Hell or Hells, also known as Baator in Infernal, was the home of the devils. It was a plane of sinister evil and institutional cruelty organized in a strict caste system with a very rigid chain of command. Unlike the demons of the Abyss, the devils were highly organized in their quest for power and status—scheming and plotting power plays, coups, and assassinations. Each of the nine Hells had its own physical laws or properties of matter, but all were inhospitable or deadly to outsiders. This plane's place in the cosmology of the Forgotten Realms shifted over time but was always a bastion and incubator for those of the lawful evil persuasion.


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Avernus, the first layer, is a vast charred wasteland of rubble over which the iron towers of the Dukes of Hell stand. Legions of devils march across the plains in continual readiness for the next battle of the Blood War. A red light suffuses the sky and huge fireballs fly across the layer, randomly exploding wherever they hit. The lord of Avernus is Bel.

The second layer, Dis, is a burning city of iron known as the Iron City of Dis. The walls of the buildings of the city radiate extreme heat, as do the stones of the streets; more than brief skin contact results in severe burns. The Archduke Dispater rules this layer from the Iron Tower, an impregnable fortress that reaches far into the sky and can be seen everywhere on Dis.

The third layer of Minauros is an endless bog of vile pollution. The weather on Minauros consists of acidic rain and harsh winds. The city of Minauros the Sinking is located here, so called because the weight of the city causes it to continually slip beneath the slimy waters; only the endless efforts of thousands of slaves prevents it from doing so. The kyton city of Jangling Hiter, City of Chains can also be found on this layer. Mammon the Viscount is the ruler of Minauros, he resembles a long serpent with a human torso. He rules from the centre of the city, within a huge mausoleum like structure.

Phlegethos is a fiery wasteland filled with active volcanoes and rivers of molten lava. Lady Fierna and Archduke Belial are the lords of this layer. Few can exist here for long without suitable protection from the extreme heat. The city of Abriymoch is composed of hardened magma in the caldera of a volcano and is somewhat more bearable than the rest of Phlegethos. Fierna and Belial reside in a palace of pure obsidian high up on one side of the city.

Stygia, the fifth layer is a freezing layer of cold and ice dominated by a murky ocean fed directly by the River Styx. The dark sky is constantly filled with lightning storms. Tantlin, the City of Ice, is built on a huge ice floe with a large harbor to the river Styx, and is ruled over by a huge pit fiend. The lack of any kind of law enforcement leads itself to gangs controlling much of the city. Prince Levistus rules over this layer, frozen in a giant iceberg floating in the harbor.
Malbolge was an endless mountain where rockslides and avalanches of boulders were common. Numerous copper fortresses provided some refuge from the avalanches. Formerly, the Hag Countess ruled from her mountain-sized boulder fortress, which perpetually rolled down the slopes of Malbolge. Now however the layer is ruled by Glaysa, the daughter of Asmodeus. The Countess grew to such a height and girth that she exploded and became the layer itself.

Maladomini is a barren landscape scarred by countless forgotten ruins, abandoned mines and gruesome subterranean dungeons. The city of Malagard is the layer's primary settlement. Archduke Baalzebulpresides over this layer.

Cania is an unimaginably cold wasteland, few living things can survive more than a few moments in an unsheltered area. Huge fast moving glaciers crash around the layer sending snow and ice up in the sky. The layer is ruled over by Mephistopheles, from his great citadel of ice Mephistar. It sits upon a giant glacier called Nargus, the movement of which is controlled by Mephistopheles himself. Inside Mephistar huge heated baths and fire warm the citadel, providing quite a comfortable environment.

Nessus is the ninth and deepest layer of Baator. It is of pits and ravines of virtually endless depths. The great city of Malsheem lies immediately below the layer between Cania and Nessus and is the largest city in all of the Outer Planes. Here, Asmodeus rules over the entire plane, and thus the entire race of devils.

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