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If you're reading this while checking out my profile from where I bought something out of your marketplace store recently, judging from your store description (or your post history), I probably think you're an arse smilies/dramallama.gif. GET BENT. The rest of you are ok as long as you don't think me off smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif.

I'll update this profile eventually, provided I don't disappear for half a year again.

Hm o.o? Who's that?

Hey there !! Name's Makoto_Gin, but as most of my friends on the websites I tend to go know me as Silver, Gin,Makoto,Ginnie,GT and my lastest names,Mack (mazzy_rox likes calling me that smilies/icon_stare.gif) and Mako (I'd like to thank the WTF Thread guys for that one),Maka(meh friend billie.infam0us come up with that) and Koto (Kismette's nickie for me). I've been a member here since Dec. of 04', but never was that active to start out with. I've been a lot more too damn active in recent weeks, but it would be nice to be even more if I can ever get a better pc (or a faster connection)>_< . About me.....I don't feel like telling you u_u. Those who know me know the type of person I am, so ask any number of them here or on my other stomping ground, Minitokyo. So, welcome to my lil corner of the Gaia world, post if you like, and don't be dumb or I'll insert my foot in your arse ~_~!! Just kidding XD !!(maybe, hehehe....)

Before I forget, I have to do a shameless plug for X_SilentAngel_X Miss_Kitty_Kat for doing such a wonderful layout.I luffs it smilies/icon_4laugh.gif!!But I seriously have to thank the friend who did the wallpaper it is based on. Oh and the girl to the left is hawt smilies/icon_blaugh.gif!!*makes out with girl*

Good,glad you're looking smilies/icon_razz.gif.There are many lists that I make,but since I don't have enough space on my page for them,I keep them in my journal.Click the links to view:
People Who I Have Made Happy
People Who Have Made Me Happy
Comment Claims
Awesome Peoples Who Gin <3\'s
Gin\'s Fanclub
I update each regularly,so I'll have more content from time to time.
Zett Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:
[color=silverI didn't know Conan O' Brian could go Super Sayian smilies/icon_surprised.gif.[/color]
Why yes he can. smilies/icon_surprised.gif

leftoversO.o Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:
leftoversO.o Wrote:
yes when you take your pet sheep out for a walk the girls will be allllllllll over you smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif
hint hint smilies/icon_wink.gif *laughs*
They sure will.And then they'll be like "can I pet it?",and I'll be like "pet all you want".Then I'll take one of the girls home and then there will be world peace and it will be awesome smilies/icon_cool.gif.
Preview- "like oh my god can i pet your sheep thing?"said a random girl....."oh knock your self out" you reply.."like its totally cute" said the random girl...." hey want to go to my place?....if you do there will be world peace!!" you say with a smile..."like oh my god yes" -FIN-
Kiwi Sebastian Wrote:
Rofl, yes. I'll bust in and crack my knuckles and say, "Is Wayne Brady Kiwi Sebastian gonna have to choke slap a b***h!?! smilies/icon_scream.gif" <<;; Er somfin' like that.

Sitarose Wrote:
Sita wears bunny ears AND no pants for your birthday... Because its Maka day smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

*pets and subtly sexes up*
Giggity giggity smilies/icon_cool.gif

Shiver` Wrote:

WhoTF is Doku Daka?
:domo: <-- Its not that guy is it? smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
Gotenks.Le.Sexey.Goaty Wrote:
Thats Right Lets Take Over The World. And After We Take Over The World Lets Do A ******** Barrel Roll!

Makoto_Gin Wrote:
Although I couldn't possibly produce a more witty reply to what you said to teh Sexy a** Librarian,I will say this:

That note should have been written like this:

note Wrote:
Saturday Mournings Gin > Danjah

P.S. Do you think I'm hawt?

Anti-Ling Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:

Anti-Ling is Anti-licious ;O smilies/icon_heart.gif

-runs away

-Licks self-

Mmmm...Flan and whiskey -drools- :V

Super LinZ Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:
Super Stephiroth Wrote:
Super LinZ Wrote:

I wanna dress like a beach hussie.

Nooo, then you'll get sand in your v****a. smilies/icon_cry.gif

Ooo,but think of all the pretty pearls she could make smilies/icon_ninja.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif


Then I could be giving you the pearl necklace. ;D

Iroxmisox Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:
Iroxmisox Wrote:

I can lose track of a conversation if I want to smilies/icon_scream.gif

And I can look awesome if I want to,but that dosen't always happen now does it?

That's the hawtest arena related thing I've ever heard said smilies/icon_xd.gif

Bebbo Wrote:
Iroxmisox Wrote:
The second smilies/icon_scream.gif

If you enter the first, I'll automatically assume that you hate me and have a secret love affair with Bebbo smilies/icon_scream.gif

And there's nothing YOU can do about it smilies/icon_xd.gif
But... Gin is smilies/icon_redface.gif

Iroxmisox Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:

I've never behaved, why should I start for you? smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif

Hey you're right o:.Now bendover so I can spank that a** >D.


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Gotta love that Kiwi Sebastian.Best idea ever!!



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Cocoskitten Report | 01/31/2015 10:04 pm
Haha yeah FAFSA is kinda annoying, but unless anything significant has changed, you can just renew your FAFSA from previous years :3
What elusive courses were you thinking of taking?? xD

Oh gosh, tell me about it lol. I'm on tumblr sometimes and there's hella episode recaps, emotional outbursts on events, etc etc. I feel like I already know the basic plot of that particular show without even watching it. Tumblr gives you the chronological fan reaction and synopsis on every episode rofl

I think I started watching the show Heroes a while back, but I never got around to finishing it. I've always been a fan of shows about people having powers and stuff. And I also need to finish watching the Flash, and possibly marathon the 2nd season of Agents of SHIELD with my dad someday whee the latter is a great show, btw. you should really watch!
Cocoskitten Report | 01/31/2015 11:00 am
I just finished my first exam of the semester, and I'm off to a good start! 4laugh

Hmm shows shows shows...I'm currently waiting on the new Walking Dead episode to air next Sunday. They took like a 2 month break for whatever reason emo
Other than that, I also love Criminal Minds, occasionally Flashpoint, and when I'm feeling childish on Friday nights, I'll watch Teen Titans Go xd
Redwing Rogue Report | 01/31/2015 12:17 am
Whoa, I thought you were hiatus too? What ever happened to you leaving? xd
Cocoskitten Report | 01/27/2015 11:44 pm
Oh god I hope it wasn't that bad. The whole time I was literally like "Oh god I hope I don't sound like I'm preaching gonk " But you seem to get the gist of it, and sorry if I did ramble haha I tend to do that when I get excited about something.

Well I'll prob be busy all day tomorrow and tonight for an exam on Friday. But I mean it's already 2:42am here and I can only squeeze in maybe half an hour of a lecture recording so I better get to it!
Otherwise, I'll try to reply within a day or two. And if you ever remember that question, ask away!
Cocoskitten Report | 01/26/2015 9:18 pm
Oh my haha I was just giving you some advice based around the values I was taught growing up xD
But you see, there are certainly people out there who are going through hella rough times just like you. Some might have it better, but others might have it even worse. The difference is how they deal with it and whether or not they choose to step up and make a change. Things don't happen overnight, and success and goals might take years (even decades!) to come into fruition, but it's gonna happen!
It's definitely okay to see things as they are right now because while you can't change the present situation, you can always work to make tomorrow a better day, even if it's by a little.

But I'll stop grinding you about ooh staying positive and ooohh hard work. I know it must be tough, but just keep your head up and remember that it's your life. Cause if you're already at such a loss for direction and hope, what more can you lose?? wink wink wink

Onto more trivial thingsss...I'm starting a new hangout place in the forums!! It'll be a place for just plain fun and goof haha. Would you wanna come sometime?? whee

Cocoskitten Report | 01/26/2015 11:37 am
Yeah I can agree with what you said about schools being inherently sub-par and the crippling debt college leaves you in, but ultimately it's your life, and whether you like it or not, it's the only life you'll get to live. Since you're not in the most desirable situation, you should know better than me how important it is to take action and take control of your life. After all, there's no one out there mind controlling you, so your future literally depends on how you perceive your current situation and how you wish to change it for the better. What I don't agree with is your belief that hard work doesn't amount to anything. I'm not the most perfect example, but take it from my parents. My dad came to the US by himself with absolutely no knowledge in English. He worked seven days a week doing menial work trying to make ends meet, and not only that, he spends his nights after work listening to English tapes and self-teach a brand new language! It was through his perseverance that allowed my mom and I to have a relatively easier time assimilating into the culture when we eventually came. Things got better as the years went on, and we finally reached a point where we're comfortably situated in this life. I know many immigrated Asians who are still stuck in the endless cycle of just working at restaurants. If you didn't know, the first step for almost all Asian immigrants is restaurants. (My parents however took the next step and educated themselves even at a later age to get out of that business). So yeah! Long story short, even if you feel hopeless and completely lost, dream big (but practical!!!), plan your next move, take baby (more like moderate) steps, and I truly believe that you will be able achieve your goals.

Also, here's another story for inspiration. I have a friend who, in the past, got into a little trouble with the law (minor teeny weeny thing), and because of that, almost no employer would hire him. So no job, no education, but you know what he told me the other day?? He said he finally wanted to take the step and try his hand at obtaining a degree from a community college! Apparently the govt has this program where if you're above a certain age, you can attend college for free (but don't take my word for it lol). But anyways, I'm very very proud of that friend for taking initiative and trying to make a change from his stagnant life.

I think there are opportunities out there, but you just need to broaden your scope and cleanse your mind from negativities that are holding you back. Society is very much alive, and it only takes a positive attitude and an open heart to fit in and hop on the bandwagon of a good, happy life!
Cocoskitten Report | 01/25/2015 3:42 pm
Hmm my life has been kinda one hella smooth, horizontal ride rofl I can't even say I've had many issues family-wise or even friends-wise. That's why my mom's always says they spoiled you good because while they worked their butts off for me, I kick my feet up all day and just live my life xd
I think part of the main reason most of people have a hard time getting through life is lack of a good education. It may not even be their fault, it could just have something to do with certain circumstances, but I think if you have a good education and stay true to your own needs and values, there's nothing else to truly pull you back in life :3
And ya know, what you said about people feeling like they cant approach you and say what's on their mind, it could possibly be because of their own insecurities and/or nervousness. I know I certainly feel inadequate at times where I feel like I can't give good input, but I'm slowly learning that if you feel that your opinions and such are of value and are worth people's time, then it makes you that much more confident in yourself! So give us a break, will ya XD some of us are vulnerable too haha
Krowenstein Report | 01/24/2015 7:52 am
Well that's good news to hear! I will miss you entirely if you just left.
: X Well if you have forgotten skype I will drop a message anyways. Maybe it'll be a random word or story.
I ...dunno . _.
Krowenstein Report | 01/23/2015 3:46 pm
Heyas. Not sure if you'll see this.
I know you're leaving soon or leaving now? I'm not sure.
I hope things get better for you. I really do.
Take care and stay cool~
Cocoskitten Report | 01/21/2015 8:02 pm
No way, you don't have to apologize! I should be the one who owes you an apology cuz I didn't know how to properly respond q_q
I read your comments and took them as good brotherly advice in life so thank you for that. I get that you're still sorting our troubles on your own, but I feel like anything I say would be kinda insignificant since I can't fully understand what you're going through emo I do believe that if you put your best foot forward, things will eventually turn out for the better. So lighten up and appreciate every new day you get to live! :3