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If you're reading this while checking out my profile from where I bought something out of your marketplace store recently, judging from your store description, I probably think you're an a*****e smilies/dramallama.gif. GET BENT.

I'll update this profile eventually, provided I don't disappear for half a year again.

Hm o.o? Who's that?

Hey there !! Name's Makoto_Gin, but as most of my friends on the websites I tend to go know me as Silver, Gin,Makoto,Ginnie,GT and my lastest names,Mack (mazzy_rox likes calling me that smilies/icon_stare.gif) and Mako (I'd like to thank the WTF Thread guys for that one),Maka(meh friend billie.infam0us come up with that) and Koto (Kismette's nickie for me). I've been a member here since Dec. of 04', but never was that active to start out with. I've been a lot more too damn active in recent weeks, but it would be nice to be even more if I can ever get a better pc (or a faster connection)>_< . About me.....I don't feel like telling you u_u. Those who know me know the type of person I am, so ask any number of them here or on my other stomping ground, Minitokyo. So, welcome to my lil corner of the Gaia world, post if you like, and don't be dumb or I'll insert my foot in your arse ~_~!! Just kidding XD !!(maybe, hehehe....)

Before I forget, I have to do a shameless plug for X_SilentAngel_X Miss_Kitty_Kat for doing such a wonderful layout.I luffs it smilies/icon_4laugh.gif!!But I seriously have to thank the friend who did the wallpaper it is based on. Oh and the girl to the left is hawt smilies/icon_blaugh.gif!!*makes out with girl*

Good,glad you're looking smilies/icon_razz.gif.There are many lists that I make,but since I don't have enough space on my page for them,I keep them in my journal.Click the links to view:
People Who I Have Made Happy
People Who Have Made Me Happy
Comment Claims
Awesome Peoples Who Gin <3\'s
Gin\'s Fanclub
I update each regularly,so I'll have more content from time to time.
Zett Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:
[color=silverI didn't know Conan O' Brian could go Super Sayian smilies/icon_surprised.gif.[/color]
Why yes he can. smilies/icon_surprised.gif

leftoversO.o Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:
leftoversO.o Wrote:
yes when you take your pet sheep out for a walk the girls will be allllllllll over you smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif
hint hint smilies/icon_wink.gif *laughs*
They sure will.And then they'll be like "can I pet it?",and I'll be like "pet all you want".Then I'll take one of the girls home and then there will be world peace and it will be awesome smilies/icon_cool.gif.
Preview- "like oh my god can i pet your sheep thing?"said a random girl....."oh knock your self out" you reply.."like its totally cute" said the random girl...." hey want to go to my place?....if you do there will be world peace!!" you say with a smile..."like oh my god yes" -FIN-
Kiwi Sebastian Wrote:
Rofl, yes. I'll bust in and crack my knuckles and say, "Is Wayne Brady Kiwi Sebastian gonna have to choke slap a b***h!?! smilies/icon_scream.gif" <<;; Er somfin' like that.

Sitarose Wrote:
Sita wears bunny ears AND no pants for your birthday... Because its Maka day smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

*pets and subtly sexes up*
Giggity giggity smilies/icon_cool.gif

Shiver` Wrote:

WhoTF is Doku Daka?
:domo: <-- Its not that guy is it? smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
Gotenks.Le.Sexey.Goaty Wrote:
Thats Right Lets Take Over The World. And After We Take Over The World Lets Do A ******** Barrel Roll!

Makoto_Gin Wrote:
Although I couldn't possibly produce a more witty reply to what you said to teh Sexy a** Librarian,I will say this:

That note should have been written like this:

note Wrote:
Saturday Mournings Gin > Danjah

P.S. Do you think I'm hawt?

Anti-Ling Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:

Anti-Ling is Anti-licious ;O smilies/icon_heart.gif

-runs away

-Licks self-

Mmmm...Flan and whiskey -drools- :V

Super LinZ Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:
Super Stephiroth Wrote:
Super LinZ Wrote:

I wanna dress like a beach hussie.

Nooo, then you'll get sand in your v****a. smilies/icon_cry.gif

Ooo,but think of all the pretty pearls she could make smilies/icon_ninja.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif


Then I could be giving you the pearl necklace. ;D

Iroxmisox Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:
Iroxmisox Wrote:

I can lose track of a conversation if I want to smilies/icon_scream.gif

And I can look awesome if I want to,but that dosen't always happen now does it?

That's the hawtest arena related thing I've ever heard said smilies/icon_xd.gif

Bebbo Wrote:
Iroxmisox Wrote:
The second smilies/icon_scream.gif

If you enter the first, I'll automatically assume that you hate me and have a secret love affair with Bebbo smilies/icon_scream.gif

And there's nothing YOU can do about it smilies/icon_xd.gif
But... Gin is smilies/icon_redface.gif

Iroxmisox Wrote:
Makoto_Gin Wrote:

I've never behaved, why should I start for you? smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif

Hey you're right o:.Now bendover so I can spank that a** >D.


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Gotta love that Kiwi Sebastian.Best idea ever!!



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Krowenstein Report | 04/17/2014 10:00 pm
Nothing much. I'm on skype with a friend.
She came back to Gaia Online and she's going crazy on tektek x D
Mishimomei Report | 04/17/2014 9:32 am
I've just been busy, sick, or taking care of the baby. I havent had much free time lately. Im procrastinating right now. I need to get read for easter with my sister. How have you been?
Count of Dualwing Report | 04/16/2014 5:01 pm
I'm a green version of you D;
Not quite. My boyfriend lives there. He won't be back to Montreal in a while, so he's having me visit.

It actually takes a long time to get a circle of friends going for most people, so I can understand why some people just don't want to move from here. It'd be cool if that money people give'em would actually visibly be used to improve site quality - as you say, the only thing we're getting new lately is cash shop recolors.
I don't really see how Gaia relates to Gamefaqs and company since they offer a different type of service entirely, but Neopets is a good comparison, and Neopets as far as I know just continuously kept adding new things, even with Nickelodeon cash-grabbing all over the place. And by new things I mean, entire new places to "explore", which involves new (non-cash) items, new events, stories and plots, games, etc... By comparison, Gaia really needs to have more interaction going on. If there was actually a point to those NPCs. Maybe if something actually involved some exploring around the site map, or in Towns, or something.
Wouldn't it be cool if the CIs actually involved playing a game to attempt to get a better result? Wouldn't it be cool if we wouldn't have to pay cash just for a chance to play it? It could even be an entire new type of RIG. I'd bite. I'd bite more than the little animal base things.

Idk, I guess I just try hard to not act like a noob. It's always the first step to not being one, yeah?
Ninja Dchan Report | 04/16/2014 3:38 pm
I'm alright. Just busy working working working! xD
How are you doing? I hope good!!! =D <3
It's always so nice to see familiar faces on Gaia still. =3
Count of Dualwing Report | 04/16/2014 1:13 pm
Humanity has cool people, they just tend to be less noisy. :P

I was actually really nervous at the time, since I had recently started the art shop and had like no confidence. Thanks again for sticking around, by the way. Having people stop by really helped.

Forestville has everything on one Main Road, and the rest is just a couple residential streets. You could literally just have a walk and see all of it. It has no cinema ; it has a bowling lane. It has no big name grocery store ; it has two convenience stores facing each other. Of the same name. They prefer to hire strangers, because the local youth are either potheads or drunks. Yeeeep.

I do agree that if they're making money out of it, they have no reason to stop - the problem is, I'm not sure this is gonna help them in the long run, since they seem to be losing people's support. Nothing's taking anyone from quitting, and I'm starting to see it happen. Less people means less clients, means they'll probably eventually lose money.
Difference between here and a Facebook game is that FB makes it much easier to advertise and be accessible to everyone. Gaia is rather old and doesn't have much new to offer besides prettier cash items, it's not going to attract much newcomers at all. I wish they kept going with zOMG, or maybe just put some extra emphasis on Towns 2, give us more to do besides chat and play dress-up. Nothing takes them from cash-grabbing there too. And don't get me started on those new "games"...

They do put some effort in their events sometimes. The Halloween thing wasn't so bad. Had some cash grabby elements to it, and they had to fix a bunch of things during the fact, but it was involving if you got into it.
Joshxasman Report | 04/16/2014 12:16 pm
Hey you got me something and you didn't have to and like I said you can sell it if you want.
Count of Dualwing Report | 04/16/2014 10:49 am
I'm actually getting close to my Gaia anniversary or whatever.
I'm not sure this hat would look nicer on a female base, but... more power to you. I just like it because it's the basic color trio. I'm a sucker for red/yellow/blue, it just works so beautifully to me.

I live in Montreal, Quebec. I'm leaving for some town in the middle of the province called Forestville. Spent a winter there before, it's exactly what you'd expect.

Aiming for someone in particular? You don't seem to like BRAIN very much. He seems like the kind of person you want to just look at from a distance, to me as well.
Vendors seem to have all of the money lately. I thought I had a few savings, enough to go on shop hiatus for a bit, but nope... But then again, art's probably inflated up high too.
I'm really not thinking they're going to slow down on the cash shop anytime soon... And honestly, I have no idea why this is even happening. Do they actually make that much more money out of it now? I'd love to be able to see the numbers.
Makoto_Gin Report | 04/16/2014 10:39 am
Forgot, you asked me if I had watched the new Stardust series yet, I still need to watch the old one so I can do comparisons xDDD. I got a giant backlog of shows I need to watch, right now I'm watching one of the AoT Abridged series. I'll probably blaze through that JoJo series at some point this week though.

If you do open the shop up again let me know, I had wanted to get you to do some more sprites.
Count of Dualwing Report | 04/16/2014 10:04 am
I do like it, it stands really nice on its own. *shot*
I just don't happen to have another JoJo cosplay on hand, lol. I don't know who I'd try next, though... Dio is God. *nod*
Oh yeah, what are your thoughts on the Stardust Crusaders anime so far? Do you watch it?

That BRAIN item just made me laugh too hard for me to care. That's where we are, man. Gaia knows it's not attracting anyone new, so it's making sure the big personalities stay by sucking up to them.
I think I should be -proud- to be a 2013 user at this point. I don't think there's that many of us around.
I'm doing fine. I'm actually leaving for the middle of nowhere at the end of the month, and then I'm coming back in an apartment hopefully, so I'm a little nervous. Otherwise not much. Life's been slow. I really only check Gaia once or twice a day lately, so everything on here's just way past me. I know I can always re-open the shops if I really want to keep going though, so I'm not so worried.
Count of Dualwing Report | 04/16/2014 9:46 am
I'm gonna be more original and be another Dio, then.