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Engaged to Emilia Gomez as of the 15/12/13

Australian, 25, Extrovert, Calm, Collected, & Good to get on with. You have a tendency to be over-caring & Generous and a bit forgetful at times, but you have your heart in the right place. You absolutely love the color Blue & tend to match it with darker colors. Your loves in life are Emilia, Anime, Gaming, Subway, High-Tops & Gaia-Online. Your Dislikes are Arrogance, Pride, Liqourice, Lavender & Smoking. Your Star-Sign Alignments are Scorpio & Aries. You also love Ramen, Skittles, Pasta & Coffee.


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Where should I start with this one. She has become my life, my universe, my meaning for everything to keep on going in life. I love her to bits, since the moment we met my life hasn't been the same. I stay up for most of the night talking to her. Although lately I've been busy with other things, you haven't left my mind for not even a second. I enjoy our coffee times and our Minecraft times. It's been 3 years since we've been together & I hope it continues from here onwards. I love you Emilia <3

Rox Rox Rox...we go way back now. I would still be without friends If I hadn't of met you in the first place. You started all of this, you were so kind to take me in as a member of your group at the time when I hardly knew you. Time when past and you talked so little to me as I did to you, but we're still best of mates even so now. We've been through countless family names, & even names ourselves but we're still who we are after all of it. I hope to continue to know you through the future.

Met Kakashi around the same time I met Rox. She's always full of energy & nice to everyone around her. We've been skype pals for a while now, although she likes keeping hidden (Shes famous really >n>) I can always find where she is towns and anywhere else. She has an affinity for Reno from Final Fantasy & Grell from Black Butler. I hope to continue to know you from here onwards Sensei.

My best friend. I met him when I first started Gaia. Me and him have been through alot, he's the absolute best person you could ever get to know. I remember when we were using Fremere's & Mona's as eyes with our noob cloud and vincent cosplays back way when. Till now a days we don't talk but we've still kept our bond until now sempai .///.. Your had your own swag on gaia that everyone admires like "GG" "Noobhost" "Tongue Flicker" just to name a few. I hope our friendship continues from here bro.

Where do I start with you bew. You've been a great friend of mine, even tho your a noob. I met you through other people but your alright. You can be hyper most of the time and joke around, but your downright an honest person living their life. Your bew-chan Nero is cool too, she's got her own style that matches yours perfectly. The sugar to your spice as I say. You'd make a good minecraft teacher, especially with splegg, spleef and everything else.

I met Katie not long after Ryan. She's a pretty cool chick to get along with, We have matching capes what else can you ask for right? She's defined her role as Lightning on Gaia for quite sometime now. She also likes Cats. We don't as much as we used to but its been nice to know you so far Kt, and I hope it continues. *Poses with* nah joke your awesome as usual.

I met you with alot of the Overdrives way back when. You've been through quite alot in your life, more than anyone else has that I've ever talked to on here. I feel like I could do more to lessen the burden that you currently have weighed on your shoulders. I hope you'll be ok and realize I am there, I care & i'll be there for when you need me the most. Take care Flower.

BBG O3O Leader of Keakoon, with a K-pop obsession, She's great to hang around and talk to. I'm referred to as Duh Herroo by her which is cool. We met a while ago on Gaia just randomly talking in towns & still best of mates today.I hope you get to see all the k-pop and j-pop bands out there someday that you've wanted to see. *Poses*



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