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sarah | 19 | mexican & colombian

I cannot stress enough how much I hate awkward situations.
I’m boring, and suck at keeping conversations. Don’t take offense, I
will stop talking to you for an x amount of time, I always do that?
My hobbies include: overthinking things, forgetting, losing interest,
keeping to myself, and having a crude sense of humor.
Don’t flirt with me for the love of satan.


panic at the disco, arctic monkeys, joan jett & the ❤s,
the runaways, lana del rey, of mice and men, eminem,
the brobecks, the cranberries, t.a.T.u. , björk, p!nk, beck,
foxy shazam, cage the elephant, the fugees, the young veins,
jimmy eat world, red hot chili peppers, peggy lee, suzi quatro,
the xx, patti smith, eyedea & abilities, sia ...etc.

What love do we have in common?

tumblr, dogs, Adam Sandler, Supernatural, Dexter,
OITNB, AHS, AoT, LOK, ATLA, Breaking Bad, TWD, Weeds,
Being Human, Adventure Time, Pokemon, Bob’s Burgers,
Mitch Albom, tank setups, aquariums, horror movies, ceramics, drawing,
graffiti, tattoos, urban legends, Emma Stone, siberian huskies, Skyrim ...etc.

Skype: live:jenny.patd
kindly give me a heads up as to who you are.

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