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I'm Andrea! I'm a tiny 20 year old half-Filipina living on top a damn mountain. Mostly, I'm a huge weeb, but I'm also into video gaming (I think that still counts as weeb stuff), theatre, poetry/literature, and mental health education + rehabilitation. Also cats. Myers-Briggs type is INFP. Someday I'll have a picture of myself here again, but not right now 'cause my hair is oily + I don't think I want you all to see me in pajamas despite always being in pajamas while I'm here.

I've taken like 30 hiatuses and no one recognizes me even when I've been around for a few months. But when I'm here, you can usually find me traipsing through the CB being too serious because I don't know how to interact with the cool kids on the Internet. I'm a little giddy whenever people leave me comments and messages HINTHINT HINT VALIDATE ME PLEASE exclaim emotion_kirakira


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bruja del bloque Report | 07/11/2017 5:25 am

wow i love ur avi <3
AlkseeyaKC Report | 05/26/2017 12:14 pm
lol You're welcome! Happy to have helped! I use to go game testing for the company I worked for so we would test features to brake it. So it took me some time to figure that out.
Crimyri Report | 05/12/2017 9:42 am
Thanks for the purchase! yum_strawberry
drakokatze Report | 05/07/2017 3:35 pm
yw, and omg thanks!!! xd
drakokatze Report | 05/07/2017 3:23 pm
love your username xd
IHOPE PANCAKES Report | 04/14/2017 1:14 pm
arghhhh gaia ate this comment RIP only saw this now

yea right? i haven't talked to some ppl on my friends list in months but i donut wanna just scrape them off since they were super cool when we did talk??

also RIGHT?? i wanna be a cat too!!! User Image

as for needing to have played NITW to understand and enjoy Lost Constellation, um, since i lowkey forgot to play Lost Constellation /shot/, I can't talk on my part, but according to the official website no??
IHOPE PANCAKES Report | 04/01/2017 9:03 am
awwwz really?! hehe i missed chatting with you too ^^
lol me too actually, gonna play the supplementary (free) game Lost Constellation tonight tho when everyone's asleep and it's dark and quiet! it seems really cute, but apparently NITW tackles some real life struggles?
IHOPE PANCAKES Report | 04/01/2017 8:32 am
blanket fort dat cluttertar tho XD
(also been awhile! my dude have you played night in the woods?)
Mulepainterz Report | 03/15/2017 11:14 pm
Yea, That was the original intent with this one.
frog-kun Report | 03/04/2017 3:16 pm
oso overall has my favorite outfits, official art wise. i have cosplays of waaay to many of them on here lol

that one's pretty subtle actually, since its just text


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