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I'm Andrea! I'm a tiny 20 year old half-Filipina living on top a damn mountain. Mostly, I'm a huge weeb, but I'm also into video gaming (I think that still counts as weeb stuff), theatre, poetry/literature, and mental health education + rehabilitation. Also cats. Myers-Briggs type is INFP. Someday I'll have a picture of myself here again, but not right now 'cause my hair is oily + I don't think I want you all to see me in pajamas despite always being in pajamas while I'm here.

I've taken like 30 hiatuses and no one recognizes me even when I've been around for a few months. But when I'm here, you can usually find me traipsing through the CB being too serious because I don't know how to interact with the cool kids on the Internet. I'm a little giddy whenever people leave me comments and messages HINTHINT HINT VALIDATE ME PLEASE exclaim emotion_kirakira


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Dawnpainterz Report | 03/15/2017 11:14 pm
Yea, That was the original intent with this one.
frog-kun Report | 03/04/2017 3:16 pm
oso overall has my favorite outfits, official art wise. i have cosplays of waaay to many of them on here lol

that one's pretty subtle actually, since its just text
frog-kun Report | 03/04/2017 3:03 pm
choro always looks the cutest in official art tbh... just look at that boy

i wouldnt put a sticker on a car for that reason, of anything. unless its like one of those weird vinyl ones schools gave to u to give to your parents for being on the honor roll, those seem safe enough.
frog-kun Report | 03/04/2017 2:53 pm
found it! that was easier than i thought. small pic tho
id judge a car if i saw that on it, ngl.
frog-kun Report | 03/04/2017 2:38 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. lol thank u!!! there's official art of oso in one somewhere(that being the reason for my avatar) but im not sure how to find it
Jin Air Report | 02/03/2017 7:33 pm
Paperworm Report | 01/13/2017 1:42 am
I know who you are. I saw you in the forums before, too. And I was looking at your sig,
thinking that, it's the first time, someone displays himself like this full body in a mirror.
It stayed in my brain. emotion_dowant
Thank you for following me! I started off like that, too. I had no friends that were into
journaling and so I watched youtube videos of people who were flipping through their
journals, showing the inside. It always inspired me so much to write more. So I started
my own youtube and instagram, and found many friends and fans.

I hope you will find enough inspiration and motivation to start your own journal.
Especially in your age, we undergo a lot of changes, lots of thoughts, dramas and growth.
To keep record of some things is never wrong, because we tend to forget so many things.
If it wasn't for my journals, I wouldn't know anymore, what I did when I was 20.

Anyway, thank you again and have a nice day! : D
Scit Report | 01/09/2017 10:07 am
No worries emotion_yatta
If you lose a thread you posted in, there is a 'My Posts' link in the drop-down Forum menu.
Heiru Report | 01/07/2017 5:59 pm
I think you'd be safer with a book!
And you can still draw the pretty boys, sexy images in a sexybook can be good stuff!
Let's be friends forever.
Heiru Report | 01/07/2017 3:19 pm
That's a lotta' work, yeah D:
You could do a choose-your-own adventure novel!


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