wow, time to change here again. as of now I am 25 years old. I am generally a nice person, though easily distracted by multi-tasking. I hope you guys can be fair to me as I will with you thanks.. A kind of regular/lurker of the GCD, I tend to read what's up and try to give the best response as i can.

My current job is that I am a stewardess at a senior center for only a few hours since my hours seem to be getting increased. I'm also a user of Playstation Network/Playstation Home as lunarlight16 if you wish to see me there. I also have a 3ds and Pokemon X.

Friend code there is 4399-0186-7958.
Pokemon X Friend Safari is a water type with Gyarados, Azumarill, and Panpour.

Am a bit of an art collector as you can tell from some of my journal entries, I tend to find some good art. If you are interested you can PM me a sample of your art and if you have a link to your shop, you can link to me there too. Lately, I tend to enjoy the art in RIGs than some of the items.

Also all the avi art I received as well as fan art will be in my journal and will be updated a few times on occasion.

My favorite Gaia NPCs are Ciro, which is kinda obvious from the dolls I have and profile background, art is done by SonicSweeti and Stein because I am a crew member in a guild I'm in from the Pie Hard event called The Feeders of Stein.

I do like a lot of vocaloid songs, my favorite one being Gift from the Princess Who Brought Sleep (Nemurase Hime Kara no Okurimono) by Mothy using Hatsune Miku. One of my favorite Vocaloid using artists is Mothy/悪ノP, especially for his Seven Deadly Sins series (still waiting on him to make Gumi's song for Wrath).

Songs I really love

Nemurase Hime Kara no Okurimono by Mothy/悪ノP, sung by Hatsune Miku
Ashita Moshi Kimi Ga Kowaretemo (Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 ending theme) by WANDS
Taiyou ga Mata Kagayaku Toki (Yu Yu Hakusho 4th ending) by Hiro Takahashi
Anbaransu na Kiss wo shite (Yu Yu Hakusho 3rd ending) by Hiro Takahashi
Unmei no Wa (Wheel of Fortune, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni first live action theme) by Eiko Shimamiya
Truth (Shoujo Kakumei Utena 1st ending) by Luca Yumi.
Tokimeki no Doukasen (Fushigi Yuugi ending) by Konno Yukari
Utsukushi sa wa Tsumi ( Patalliro ending) by Eri Takeda.
Aishitageru (Makai Senki Disgaea anime opening theme) by Loverin Tamburin
Kusari (Makai Senki Disgaea anime ending theme) by Akiko Kawakami
Last Engage (Makai Senki Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten theme song) by Akiko Hasegawa and Asami Shimoda
Bronze Saishuushou (Bronze Zetsuai theme) by Takehide
Moonlight Eternal Mobius (Cathexis Zetsuai) by Koyasu Takehito
Kanashimi no Mukou he (School Days bad ending theme) by Kanako Itou
Futari no Christmas (School Days game best ending theme) by Rino.
Pink (Banner of the Stars first ending theme)by Yuamu
And Forever (Big O ending) by Robbie Danzie and Takao Naoki
Shizukana Hibi no Kaidan wo (Battle Royale movie ending) by Dragon Ash
Lie of the Truth (Love Pistols opening theme) by Yuuta (From LAZ)
スキキライ (Suki Kirai) by HoneyWorks using Kagamine Rin and Len
Lament of the Angel by Danny Baranowsky for the soundtrack of The Binding of Isaac.

And to note: I don't accept random friend requests. I'll decline them if the friend request is random. Thank you.

Here I am the Arca or the Trunk...

I tend to collect a lot of avi art, all the ones I receive or some I make go into my journal as you would want to know.

Participated in Pie Hard Vengeance for Team Stein

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Nothing I'm just bored u 3u

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Moonie Moon~

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Sooo cute c8

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awww D: see?, that sounds awfully romantic! XD

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I'm not very familiar with Japonese things XD but it sounds like something romantic Moonie and Ciro should attend themselves C: Cio and I would wait at the cafe the next day to hear all about it!!!
Raine Higashi

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Raine Higashi

yea, thats my avi, its my normal hair but in a ponytail.
Raine Higashi

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Raine Higashi

LOL, thats a good story, that would explain why your avi is red as a tomato
Raine Higashi

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Raine Higashi

the expressions are my fav, sonic makes awesome expressions
Slick Southpaw

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Slick Southpaw

currently being distracted by other things, workin on homework and stuff
Slick Southpaw

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Slick Southpaw

hello hello! :3


Item wanting: Punishing Luxuria.
Eternally questing: Art of my avi with Ciro.
art by SonicSweeti~ emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif